The Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Can Be Detected in the Initial Stages

Breast cancer is one of the serious and dangerous types of cancer of the human body. It is said that cancer does not affect only two parts of the body, namely the hair and the nails. In other words cancer has the ability to attack any part of the body particularly the breast, the lungs and the colon. Most people have died due to breast cancer in the past decade or so. Every family registers at least one case of breast cancer these days. What actually are the symptoms of breast cancer? It is believed that life could be prolonged if you can spot some symptoms of breast cancer in the early stages. Breast cancer continues to be the most feared disease in the world.

It is important that you keep examining your body quite frequently and if you come across one or more of these symptoms contact your doctor immediately. Self breast examination is a well-suggested method for the early detection of breast cancer. If you feel a sort of unusual pain in the breast report it to your doctor. Swelling of the breast or a part of it is considered one of the chief symptoms of breast cancer.

If the nipple of your breast discharges any liquid-like substance other than breast milk it can be due to the development of cancerous cells in your breast. If you feel a growth under your arm it may be due to an advanced stage of breast cancer. Sometimes you can see your nipple turn inwards! This can again be due to the beginning stages of the cancer of the breast. All the symptoms mentioned above are unusual changes taking place in the breast. If you feel any of these unusual changes in your breast, meet your doctor or an oncologist. This is due to the fact that breast cancer can be treated if detected in the early stages.

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