These 12 Stunning Photos Were Voted Best in the World For Depicting the Essence of Spring

“Flower bloom” captured by Jörg Petermann in Lago di Sorapis, Italy.

As flowers bloom and the weather warms for the coming of spring, photographers from all over the world were asked to capture the essence of the season in an international photography contest—and the finalists are all dazzling.

Joys of Spring Photo Competition 4 SWNS
“Spring brings smiles and happiness” captured by Kate Omely in Moscow, Russia.

The contest was held by Agora: a free-to-use photography app with a global community of more than 3.5 million users from 193 countries.

Joys of Spring Photo Competition 5 SWNS
“Spring in the desert” captured by Ester Turri in Petra, Jordania.

Their most recent competition for the World’s Best Photos of Spring 2020 garnered more than 14,500 entries from around the world.

Joys of Spring Photo Competition 6 SWNS
“Spring touches” by Tamzeed Alam Token — An Indian Paradise Flycatcher in the scorching heat of India.

“Spring is the symbol of life and rebirth in all civilizations, a time when seeds come to life and flood our beloved Earth with colors,” said Agora CEO and co-founder Octavi Royo. “Through Agora, we get the opportunity to discover the best images of this wonderful period of the year—enjoy the show!”

Joys of Spring Photo Competition 7 SWNS
“Spring: the ideal time to transplant” by Mari Carmen Ruiz from Palma, Spain.

This striking photo of a group of Vietnamese lily pad harvesters was voted the winner of the competition after the photographer, Tran Quang Quy, beat finalists from 19 other countries around the world.

Joys of Spring Photo Competition 11 SWNS
The winning photograph “Water lily season” by Tran Quang Quy depicting water lily harvesters in Hannoi, Vietnam.

“With this photo, I wanted to show the beauty of Vietnamese culture to the world,” said Quy, who was rewarded $1,000 for his winning photograph. “This group of friends were all wearing an ‘Ao Dai’, Vietnam’s national garment.

“This outfit is inseparable from the image of Vietnamese women, both within Vietnam and beyond its borders, and especially at official ceremonies, conferences, and weddings,” he continued. “In this poetic setting with blooming flowers floating on the river, the authentic bamboo bridge symbolizes the connection between the past and the present.”

Joys of Spring Photo Competition 9 SWNS
“Valley of flowers” by Nguyen Tung Viet — “With a total area of up to 7,000 square meters, the West Lake flower valley is like a garden of Eden in the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam.”

Although Quy’s photo was declared the winner by Agora’s online photography community, several other breathtaking entries from Vietnam were nominated as finalists as well.

Joys of Spring Photo Competition 10 SWNS
“Watering flowers” captured by Bùi Gia Phú in Mỹ Tho, Vietnam.

Meanwhile in Italy, photographer Mary Bassani managed to capture a snapshot of a peaceful-looking fox that almost seemed to be smiling as it sat among a field of tall lavender.

“I was photographing blue magpies, and suddenly this beautiful red fox appeared from the bushes,” said Bassani. “The fox is one of my favorite animals and I never imagined seeing it in these circumstances, surrounded by lavender flowers. It was an exciting day.”

Joys of Spring Photo Competition 13 SWNS
“A beautiful red fox smelling the lavender perfume” by Mary Bassani in Castilla y León, Spain.

One of the competition’s Greek photographers, Iro Kiorapostolou, managed to capture the moment that a honeybee moved to pollinate a sunflower in Pentapoli Serres.

Joys of Spring Photo Competition 12 SWNS
“Bee” by Iro Kiorapostolou — “I was lucky to capture the moment where a bee collected the pollen from a sunflower … As I watched the whole process, I felt excitement and admiration for their work, transferring the pollen tirelessly from one flower to another.”

In another heartwarming photo from Vietnam, photographer Nguyen Huu Thong captured two young girls smiling at each other as they sat side by side, carrying on their backs huge baskets filled with yellow flowers.

Joys of Spring Photo Competition 8 SWNS 1024x636 1
“Springtime in Ha Giang” by Nguyen Huu Thong — Hmong girls on the side of the road in Vietnam.

“They had spent the afternoon picking these beautiful flowers that would be used for medicinal purposes in their tribe,” said the photographer. “Their lovely faces and beautiful smiles made me appreciate the moment.”

Joys of Spring Photo Competition SWNS
“Collecting waterlilies” by Azim Khan Ronnie — “If you look closely, you’ll see two umbrellas in the middle of the water lilies: they belong to two brothers who collect the flowers to sell them in the local market.”

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