Tips On Successfully Going Through An IKEA Furniture Assembly

Here is an overview of this company, the many products that it sells, and how you can successfully go through the process of IKEA furniture assembly so that you can complete the construction of your furniture without any problems. IKEA is a company that is based in the Netherlands. It is well-known for the multitude of furniture that it sells which comes ready to assembled. It sells a wide variety of furniture, home accessories, and even has a product line of kitchen appliances. Worldwide, it is the largest furniture retailer, and has been so since 2008. This company originated in the 1940s. It has innumerable products, and is well known for selling dining room tables, bathroom furniture, back to college furniture, and children’s furniture as well. There are many departments that you can go through once you get to their website, and you can easily order everything that you need and have it shipped within a matter of days. One of the problems that many people have is actually assembly the furniture. There have been many jokes made over the decades about the problems that people may have. They do provide instructions, but it’s good to know a little bit more about the furniture assembly process if you have recently purchased any IKEA furniture that you want to construct and use in your home.

Ikea HistoryThe History Of IKEA

Back in 1943, in the country of Sweden, a 17-year-old started this company. By 2015, Ingvar Kamprad was regarded as one of the 10 most wealthy people, with an estimated net worth of $40 billion. The name IKEA has often confused people, wondering where it originated. It is actually the results of combining the initials of his name, along with the farm and hometown that he grew up in. It is well-known for its modernist designs. It has been creating furniture and appliances, many of which are eco-friendly. He is also well-known for focusing highly on cost control, product development, and all of the details involved with the operations of this company which have made it so prolific and profitable. Today, IKEA is in almost 50 countries, operating about 400 stores. It’s profits have continued to increase, and the websites generate over 2 billion visitors every year, customers that will continue to purchase products that lead to a total of 1% of all commercial wood consumption for the products that this company creates.

The IKEA Stores And Website

The name IKEA is well-known, but it is also very recognizable because of the yellow lettering which is often placed upon a blue background. The stores are very modernistic in style, some of which are designed as a self-serve furniture warehouse, similar to a showroom where people can see what products are available. It always begins with showroom to introduce the products that they have. People can then get shopping carts to pick up smaller items. Finally, they will make their purchase, allowing them to buy what it is that they want to have delivered. Recently, smaller stores were introduce to cut back on the cost of rental space such as the one that is found in Kowloon in Hong Kong. The website features the golden blue IKEA logo, and it allows you to sign up with the website in order to start making your purchases. Like most other websites, they will have a scrolling display at the top which is going to display items they have for sale. Some of them may be sold at a discount, whereas they may be promoting other products such as those that are child safe, plus you can read news about new developments in the company on the website as well. For those that have never been to an IKEA store, or if they are in an area of the world where one has not shown up, the website is always available. It is because everything that is sold and delivered must be assembled, that’s why it is so important to understand the assembly process.

IKEA Furniture Assembly

There are a couple of pages that you can go to which focus on when going through the IKEA furniture assembly process. They have a service offer page for those that would prefer having it assembled for them. The only way to have access to this is if you are having your furniture delivered directly to your home, and if you have paid the furniture assembly price. The cost of assembly will depend upon the amount of money that you have spent on the furniture that you have recently purchased. For example, for furniture that has cost up to $299, by paying an extra $89, they can have everything fully assembled for you in a minimal amount of time. If you have purchased over $3000 and furniture, the cost of assembly will be $779 at the time of this writing. The assumption is that you have purchased quite a bit of furniture, which will take those that are delivering it a couple hours to assemble for you. However, it is also possible to assemble everything yourself which is what many people choose to do in order to avoid the extra cost of paying for professional assembly services. First of all, many people have noted that there are no words in the instructions that are provided. They are designed to show you what pieces go where. In addition, there is hardware that comes with each IKEA product, designed to be used for that specific piece of furniture that needs to be assembled. Some people will spend hours trying to put together one piece of furniture, and when they are done, it may not be done properly. There might be extra pieces or parts, making them wonder if what they have just done will actually stay together.

Tips On Purchasing IKEA Furniture That Is Easily Assembled

If you are going to one of the local stores, you need to make sure that this is going to be at your skill level. Although every IKEA product is designed to be as easy as possible to assemble, this may not be your experience. When you go into one of the warehouse showroom buildings for IKEA, you will see that everything is stacked for easy access. It is often referred to as flat packed furniture, and although it is easy to load onto your cart, it is the assembly portion of this process which is the most frustrating and confusing for some. If you are the type of person that is able to build furniture on your own, or even if you can build a shelf, you should have no problem at all following the simple instructions and using the tools that are provided. Sometimes the product that you have purchased will come in several different boxes, and organizing all of that material so that you can quickly and easily put everything together is often problematic. You can even make things worse if you are grabbing a product off the shelf that seems to have been damage. It’s always recommended that you inspect every box, making sure that the material inside has not been cracked or broken. If it is scraped, dented, or even nicked, it is something that you do not want to pick up. Conversely, you may have chosen boxes that are pristine, without any damage at all, but you may end up damaging the merchandise when you take it out of the box. You need to make sure that you place all of the pieces of furniture on a soft surface that will not scratch or damage the different components. It’s also recommended that you put a sheet down on your carpet, if that is where you are working, so that the different screws, nuts and bolts are not lost in the carpet fibers. The last thing you want to do is spend any extra time putting your IKEA furniture together because you are sifting through your carpet looking for the smallest components.

Proper Mindset For Going Through The IKEA Furniture Assembly Process

The first thing you need to do before opening the box is to make sure you are ready to do this. If you have already had a frustrating day, or if you are tired, this is something that you should probably wait to do later in the day, or in the evening. You may even want to wait until the weekend after you have gone to work, and you have a couple hours of free time. If you can get people to help you, this is even better as it will help you relax while you are putting together the furniture. The next step is taking all of the material out and placing what was in one box in one specific area. You never want to mix up any of the components as this will make the process much more difficult. Once that is done, you will then want to scan over the instructions that are provided. There are going to be multiple illustrations that will show you how to do the assembly. IKEA did this purposefully, not providing any type of wording, because pictures can provide all of the instructions that you will need. Sometimes it is going to come down to common sense. For example, when you are putting cabinets together, the side that has the particle would showing should not be visible.

Dowels Holes And Tools

Additionally, when you look at the diagrams, try to mimic what you see on the instructions so that when you put everything together, it will look exactly the same. You will also have to use glue for some of the construction process. Although there are holes already drilled, and pegs that are provided, they may not stay together unless you use glue. It is important to know that you have put the right pieces together before you glue everything permanently. If you make a mistake, it is very difficult to pull everything apart if you have glued the wrong pieces or put the pieces together the wrong way. You should use some type of wood glue, or white Gorilla glue, both of which are going to serve this purpose. You will also need to have a hammer which is going to help you hammer in the wood dowels that are provided, the pegs that will hold everything together. One of the reasons you will need a hammer is that the holes are very tight. They are designed that way to make sure that everything stays together. Therefore, you will need to use this tool in order to get everything done as quickly as possible, but make sure that you do not hammer too hard, or at an angle, or you will risk splitting the wood.

Final Considerations To Make While Constructing IKEA Furniture

A couple other tips that are going to be helpful is to always have the drill with multiple drill bits ready to use. As mentioned before, the holes that are drilled might not all be the same. Although the people that IKEA are skilled at providing predrilled material, sometimes with automated machinery, the holes may not go far enough into the wood on some of them. To alleviate this problem, you should have a drill ready that will be able to drill a little deeper into the wood. You must be careful to drill straight, and you only use a drill bit that is the diameter of the hole that is already there. If not, you could end up with an even more difficult problem. If there are any missing pieces, or if you have any extra pieces, this is not always the end of the proverbial world. If there are missing pieces, you can contact customer support and they will send that directly to you. This could cause a delay in putting together your furniture, so you may want to visit the store, if you bought it at a store, to pick up what you need. If you have extra pieces, sometimes they send a few extra dowels which can be confusing. You may think that you missed using one of them, but they are simply the extras that are provided in case you have a problem during the installation process. When you are requesting pieces either in person, or over the phone, make sure that you have the product number. This will allow them to quickly reference what it is that you have purchased, and send the appropriate missing pieces that you will need to complete the construction of your IKEA product.

IKEA is one of the most well-known names in the world in the furniture industry. For those that have never heard of it before, they are instantly amazed that how much furniture they actually have available, and they will also be intrigued by the construction process. Most people purchase furniture that is fully intact, with just a few types of furniture that need to be assembled. When you purchase from IKEA, assembly is a given, and once you follow these simple suggestions when putting your furniture together, you will see how easy it is to go through the IKEA furniture assembly process.

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