Top Natural Methods to Cure Constipation

Before I start the discussion about natural methods to cure constipation, I wish to explain a little about:

  What’s Constipation?
  Which are the Outward indications of Constipation?

What is Constipation?

A disease where one finds it difficult to pass the stool is named constipation. Although there are lots of causes of constipation, the root cause of constipation may be the insufficient water.

What will be the Symptoms?

Following are a number of the common outward indications of constipation:

A headache
Fewer than 3 stools a week
Pain in the abdominal area
Feeling that rectum isn’t empty even though you finish with the stool

I hope now you have a synopsis of constipation. If the above-mentioned symptoms remain for a lot more than 2 days, then it really is 100% sure you have constipation. You may already know that you will be constipated so let&rsquo now;s get started to understand some natural methods to cure constipation.

4 Natural Methods to Cure Constipation

Let’s thoroughly start the discussion.

1. Healthy Diet

Your diet plays a significant role with regards to relieving constipation. You or anyone could block his intestines by consuming junk food like burgers easily, chips, fried food etc.

It is preferred that you change your diet plan and eat well balanced meals. It is strongly recommended that you take in food more that have fiber. Vegetables & fruits are a rich way to obtain it and something must increase the usage of them in day to day routine. I’m not saying just eat fruit and veggies but add them and to your diet.

Following are some best fruit and veggies for constipation cure.





2. Castor Oil

Castor oil is really a natural laxative. It offers a quick rest from constipation if used properly.

How to utilize it?

Add one to two 2 teaspoons of it in a cup of warm milk. Each day and you will note that your constipation is fully gone drink it 2-3 3 times. You will start to see the full total results within few hours of deploying it. There are lots of other oils used but this is one of the better available essential oils for constipation also it provides quick relief.

3. Drink Water and Fresh Juices

Drinking plenty of water daily is vital for your body also. One must drink 2 to 5 liters of water for your body to execute well daily. Water keeps the body hydrated and from plenty of diseases away. Water helps in removing the dryness in the abdominal or intestinal area which in turn cure constipation.

Fresh juices also assist in soothing the intestinal muscles and assist in passing the stool easily. Orange juice is the better one.

4. Green Tea

We all are alert to many benefits of green tea extract and weight loss may be the most common which everyone knows, but just a few of us understand that it can help in curing constipation also.

Those who’ve constipation must drink 2 glasses of green tea, the morning and something at night prior to going to sleep one early in. With a regular usage of green tea, you shall visit a great improvement.

Following are even more benefits of GREEN TEA EXTRACT which the majority of us have no idea:

Helps in Curing Diabetes
Lowers Blood Pressure
Reduces Threat of Heart Diseases
Solves Kidney Problems
Helps in Treating Congestion and Flu etc…

Closing statement…

By using the previously listed 4 remedies it is possible to cure diabetes naturally and the best thing is you don’t need to use any medicines. These procedures have no relative unwanted effects, so they can be utilized by you without the risk.

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