Urgent Care For The Elderly

Taking An Elderly Loved One To Urgent Care

Most of the time our elderly loved ones are healthy but even the healthiest person could possibly become
sick or accidentally hurt. Most of the time, if the damage is severe, your initial reaction would be, to take them to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.

Still, it’s hard to choose whether or not the injury or illness would require immediate attention or otherwise not.

Different problems would call for different kinds of care. Fortunately, there are a lot of solutions whenever your loved one would need medical help.

Urgent Care Can Help

Minor injuries and illnesses for example: cuts, rashes, bruises, scars, cold, and cough may be managed natural home remedies and OTC (over-the-counter) treatments.

For non-emergency situations at night time and on weekends, you can visit a urgent care. An urgent care is a great alternative in case that your medical professional has run out of reach.

These centers can usually provide assistance like: stitches, X-rays, and take care of minor injuries it doesn’t look like dangerous but would still require immediate attention.

You should be prepared to give the urgent care staff with a list of the medications they take, whatever existing conditions they have, any allergies, insurance and doctor contact information.

If you’re not sure about the quality of health care that your elderly loved one might need, it’s highly recommended to contact any adverse health care practitioner. It may be either a certified nurse or a doctor. They may be qualified to help you decide what measures to adopt and how to cope with the emergency situation.

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When To Call 911

For serious problems for example: head trauma, severe bleeding, breathing difficulties, seizure, dehydration, meningitis, and serious transmissions the victim needs to be rushed towards the hospital as soon as possible.

The ER (otherwise known as an urgent situation department) handles cases that are critical.

Call 911 for an ambulance. There are specific situations that may necessitate for fast help of an experienced professional in order to the hospital.

Some of these situations could be:

your elderly loved one being involved in the car accident, accidentally overdosing with the prescribed drug, or a head or neck injury.

Being someone who takes care of an elderly parent or relative, can be very challenging to evaluate if you should call 911 or otherwise. No-one would like to rush his/her elderly loved one to pull up quickly room if they can wait for an medical appointment.

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