What Are The 5 Best Elliptical Machines 2013?

What Is The Best Elliptical Machine 2013?

We have look at the results of over 20 different fitness review sites online and also factored in ratings and reviews from reliable and popular consumer publications to bring you this in depth guide to the best elliptical machines 2013.
Also, we have sourced the greatest possible deals for this fitness machines to provide our top choices listed below – beginning with our #1 top pick. It is interesting to see that the most expensive products aren’t always the best deal for you, there is certainly more to the picture.
The best elliptical machines are the exercise equipment of choice for many people because of the great aerobic workouts they provide without creating the joint stress that a lot of other types of cardio exercise can cause.

1260Ef Elliptical Machine by Diamondback Fitness

1260Ef Elliptical Machine by Diamondback Fitness

We have chosen the Diamondback 1260Ef Elliptical machine as our number one best reviewed and rated elliptical. For its cost it is an affordable option for such a high quality product featuring options and features you will need for a thorough cardiovascular workout.

This top quality elliptical is equipped with electronically controlled magnet brakes that provide 20 levels of fluid, smooth resistance. This 1260 Ef by Diamondback also offers much workout flexibility and an innovative console that presents thirteen preset programs that include manual, interval, random, hill climb, target HR, sprint, HR interval, HR hill, quad builder, glute burner, and total trainer.

It is super easy to monitor workouts with this ellipticals multiple info displays that show times, segment times, intensity level, watts, incline, calories burned, max HR percentage, calories per minute, pulse, RPM, speed, and distance.

Another awesome feature is the heart rate receiver that is Polar-compatible and straps around the chest, and the hand-grips that have heart rate contacts built-in.

This is an superb machine without any major downsides, however consumers should note that at 245 lbs this best elliptical machine is not easily portable and doesn’t fold for storage. So, you will certainly need a dedicated space for it in your home.

The E35 Elliptical Machine by Sole Fitness

This great elliptical machine by Sole Fitness also makes our top 5 list because it provide genuine value for money. It features an easy-to-use vibrant LCD console with a built-in water bottle holder and cooling fan for complete convenience. Natural fluid motions are provided by whisper-quiet drive systems, whilst the combo of a high gear ratio and 25 pound flywheel ensure a smooth experience with stacks of resistance at the top-end.

The 5.31 Premium Series by Precor

This professional-quality machine with adjustable ramp (15 to 30 degrees) and variable stride lengths provides lower body workouts using stationary handrails and offers multiple hand and arm positions for correct posture and the right technique. Other great feature include 10 preset programs, 20 resistance levels, handheld heart rate monitoring, wireless HR monitors.

Agile DMT Trainer by Smooth Fitness

Get results with half the time. The DMT Agile Trainer provides twenty intensity levels and twelve adjustable motion levels that ensure your body is kept challenged no matter how often you train. Enhance range of motion with the adjustable motion function; a function that is takes an intelligent approach to working out, helping you get a better workout in less exercising time. Rather than restricting movements, the end result is an all-encompassing and productive workout session.

E514 Elliptical Machine by Nautilus

Perfect for those into fitness, regardless of their fitness level, the E514 by Nautilus delivers an effective cardio workout combining both lower and upper body coordination and flexibility into one impact-free, smooth motion. The bio-mechanically-correct design provides comfort and greater muscle involvement, and the Polar integrated heart rate system grants a superior workout. Additional features include 17 workout programs, 16 resistance levels, and an 18″ natural-feel stride.

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