What do you do when you feel life gets overwhelming?

God wants us to enjoy life

We wonder sometimes in our minds how we can enjoy life and if here will ever be good days. Fact is: God wants us to searchfor peace but sometimes our life is so busy focussing on ourselves that our relationsip wih God distance. We are to pusue fndng peace not only with oursleves but with other’s.
How can we find peace? you ask, when everything seems nothing is going right no matter how hard we try. The bible says that Jesus is our wisdom from God. 1 Cornithians 1:30 reading his word daily teaches us how to live a righteous life and live properly. We can not find peace with God if we can’t find peace with ourselves o other’s. Many times, we react through our emotions and don’t pay attention to our hearts.

Sometimes we tend to make decisions to quickly without thinking it through rather than living by discernment and according to what Hesus is placing in our hearts. top an think we would not do so many foolish things if we didn’t not always react to our emotions. I know at times when I get angry, I say things without giving thought and hurt people, not on intentionally. Consequently, we get our ownself in trouble. We must learn to go to Jesus on our knees and pray for much more than just salvation ora ticket to heaven. We need to accept Him as our everything and he wats our full attention and 100 of our hearts not 3/4 or 1/2.

I must honestly say, when so muc stress in my life where I feel at times it is so overwhelming, my thoughts go haywire and I get angry and blame everybody around me or other people the reason my life is not going as plan. Mark 8:34 Jesus said, “If anyonewould come after me, he ust deny himself and take uphs crss and follow me.” There has been many times my life was so turn upside down where my life feels like being on a roller coaster. My head at times fels like it is ready to explode and my body becomes paralzed from feeling anything because the trials and tests or over-bearing at times. Days at a times where I may feel God does not hear my prayers and I feel he is so distance. I don’t read th Bible as faithful as I should. I tell myelf I’ll read the Bible today but than another disaster happens and distracts me from opening God’s word.

Government that is upon the shoulder’s of Jesus is not a political government; the verse referring to the governing of our lives. We should no be running our own lives, in fact we are not capable or qualtified to run our own lives and I need to remind myself this every day I should. Only God knows our fture and what is best for our lives and he will not lead our lives down to distruction, mankind does that good enough to themselves because we do react like I said to our emotions.
Peace does not come from success or money or promotions or eve feeling good about everything in in life. We can find peace only can find peace in the kingdom of God, which is righteusness, peae, joy witin us and being right with God, and knowing we are striving to the rgt thing, mking the right choice by think it through and listening more to the wisdom from our hearts.

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