What Does A Bail Bondsman Do?

What Does A Bail Bondsman Do?

Ever wonder what a bail bondsman does and how it works? A bail bondsman is a person that will act as a surety and put up bail money for the person who is accused of a crime to appear in court.
Bail bondsmen are in business to help criminals defend themselves and often give the person accused of a crime a fair chance.

Bondsmen Are Here To Help

Bondsmen Are Here To Help

Most bail bond agents or bondsmen are in the U.S. and in some parts of the Philippines. In other countries it is much harder to get out of jail with a bail or bail bonds.

Most bail bondsmen have an agreement with the courts of security and they will agree to post
a bond which will be paid to the courts if the person accused does not appear for their set court date.

What happens is the bondsman has an agreement with an insurance company or a bank and the bondsman can get the money from them and then he does not have to put up his own cash or property when the defendant is bailed out.

A Bondsman Works Closely With Your Family And The Courts

A Bondsman Works Closely With Your Family And The Courts

In most cases the bondsman will meet with a family member or a close friend of the accused and then the bondsman will give the details of what type of bond the defendant needs to bail them out. He will explain what type of bond the defendant has and how it works.

There are different types of bail bonds. There is cash, surety or property. Once they come up with what way they will pay.The bondsman and the family sign a contract which makes the person signing the contract responsible for making sure the defendant shows up for the assigned court dates.

There is a contract that has to be signed and once it is signed the co signer has to put money down on the bond. Then the bondsman goes to the jail where the defendant is being held and gives the paperwork to the jail and they complete the paperwork and release the defendant to the bail bondsman. Now the defendant has to appear in court on certain assigned dates.

If the defendant does not show up for the court dates then the co-signer is responsible for the money that is to be paid to the court.

In some cases the bondsman can hire a bounty hunter if the defendant has not shown up for the court dates. The bounty hunter will find the defendant and bring him back to the bondsman. At this point the bondsman will collect the money from the family or co-signer and let the judge decide what to do from that point.

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