4 Must Have’s In A Bail Bond Service

The Worse Day Of Your Life!

Everyone is different, as is what everyone would consider to be the best or worse day of your life! However, I think that you’d agree that if you were arrested and put in jail, it’d have to top the list (or be close to it) of being the worse day of your life.  If it’s never happened to you, then you may not understand, like me you may have to have a vivid imagination of how bad that can be.  Your freedom to do what you want, when you want, is suddenly stripped from you.  You have someone search you inside and out, which can be completely humiliating.  
But then you have your one call, or is it up to two calls.  One to family or a lawyer, neither of which would be a fun experiences.  Then you sit and wait, and you hope that you will get to post bail, sooner than later.  Especially if you end up with a ‘roommate’ that’s been their far more than you ever care to think about, and he knows the ins and outs, of being in jail.  You get word, you get bail, and your spouse is going to go and get you out.
Often times, people expect that a bail services is different from any other business, and they expect to be treated so, however, they SHOULDN’T be!  Your family or loved ones should be treated with dignity and respect, and if they aren’t then they should go to a different bail bond service.  It’s with that thought, that I’m putting together this Sirgo, so that you know what you should expect and receive from a bail bonds service.  If you don’t get treated properly, then get up and walk out.   

Customer Service...
is the key to any business making it!

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Customer Service

Customer service is the heart of any business.  It’s their attitude of gratitude, that shows through when you walked through that front door.  It’s what shows you that you are the reason that they are in business, and nothing else matters, except that you are there.  If you think it doesn’t matter think again, because if you have a bad experience, you don’t tell just one person, you tell 18.  If on the other hand, you’re flying high and love the company you tell only 3-4 people.  Why?  It probably has something to do with how angry you are, versus how grateful you are.  We live in a country where we’re spoiled and love to complain.  And we think everyone needs to have our opinion on how rotten that place was.  
This is true even for the bail bonds business.  But what would that look like?  After all, the bail bonds service is dealing with people that may or may not, be in jail for some bad things.  The real question here, is this:  Do they deserve to be treated any different, than anyone else?  Remember, we currently live in a country where you’re innocent until proven guilty.  Also remember, that the person that walks through the doors of a bail bonds service isn’t the one in jail.  So this means that they need to have good customer service, and doing that can and is an art. 
What would good customer service look like in a bail bonds service?  First of all, they greet you with a smile, and a cup of coffee.   It means that they have their cell phones off, and that you are the center of attention.  It means that they don’t treat you like the criminal, because you’re not.  You’re there trying to get your loved one out of jail.  It means that they are the experts in the field, and they need to help you, not expect you to understand how their business works.
Customer service is the heartbeat of any business.  Good or bad! 

Cash, Check, Charge, Collateral, Payment plans. If the business is worth anything, they’re going to be flexible in how they work with you, and how you can pay them.

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How would you like to pay?

Getting bail, or being aloud to post bonds, are only half of the battle for getting the service that you deserve.  After all, does it really  matter if the bond services has good customer service if they aren’t able to accept payment in the form that you’re going to be able to give it.  The answer is no!  
But then again, part of having good customer service means being flexible in the methods of payment that you accept.  Especially if you’re dealing with bonds, and people getting out of jail.  You should be able to make a payment in most any form.  This includes Cash, Check, Charge, Collateral, Payment plans, as just the starting point for how to accommodate you as a new client.
Why this is critical should be obvious.  If they can’t accept a payment in the form that you give it, then they aren’t going to be able to get your loved one out.  You in turn will either go out the door to another bail bond service, or have to run around trying to get payments in their form.  What they should say and stand for, I’ve found in ASAP Bail Bonds 2, where the policy is: Get out of jail ASAP, No Gimmics, No Games, which is exactly what you need in a bail bonds business.




If you have a bail bonds service and it’s 5 miles away from the jail and courthouse, how much business do you think that you’re going to get?  Probably not a great deal.  Why?  Because while people don’t always mind doing what they did, they do mind having to hunt in order to find help to get out of jail.  What this means as that you need to have a bail bond service located near the jail and in most cases court house.  If you have your bases covered, then you’re going to get the clients that you need and want for your business to prosper. 
It may sound silly, but it does make a difference.  I’ve seen business, that miss this and fail because they do.  It’s simple and easy!

Hours Of Operation...
are the final notch in a good business.

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Business Hours

Lastly is business hours.  There used to be something that was called bankers hours, and everyone wanted to work them.  The reason for this was simple: you started work at 10 and finished at 3.  How great was that, you got to sleep in, and stay up late, you truly had the best of both worlds.  It was about the only company that offered such hours, and with benefits to, as though working those hours weren’t good enough.  If you are in jail, and want to be bailed out, these type of hours won’t work well for you.  Especially if you were arrested at 3:01 and the bail bond office was then closed until 10 a.m. the following day.  This is what makes business hours the next important element.  You see, it’s not a matter of if they want to be open at 3 a.m., it’s that you need for them to be open at three.  That’s stands for a good business, and good customer service.
This is why bars stay open so late, people want to be in them until that hour.  It simply makes good sense, so if you have to find a bail bonds service, make sure that they’re going to be open when you need for them to be!  After all, you really do want to be out before the sheriff finishes his paperwork!

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