What Skateboard Deck Size Do I Need?

Choosing the correct width skateboard

Choosing the correct width skateboard

Looking at the wide range of skateboards online can be confusing. There are so many different styles and types to choose from. It’s also incredibly difficult to figure out what the different skateboard sizes mean and which is the correct one for you or your child. Here’s a beginner’s guide to choosing the correct skateboard for your needs.

Skateboard widths range from 7.5″ to 8.5″. Wide decks are easier to keep your balance on, these decks are perfect to cruise around on and are ideal for street skateboarding. However, due to their width, they are not as suitable for doing flip tricks and using in skate parks. The opposite is obviously true for narrow decks.

Skateboard or Deck Length

Decks and Skateboards have a standard length which is usually between 31.5″ and 32″ long. Skateboards or Decks longer than this are usually called Longboards.

The deck’s width is a preference you gain after riding skateboards a lot. If you’re spending time at the local skate park then begin with a narrow deck, otherwise if you’re going to be doing alot of street skating go for a wide deck.

Two last things to take into consideration are balance and weight, if you are light or have good balance then stick with a narrower deck, if heavy or don’t have good balance then a wider deck would be better.

Foot Size

You may think foot size would be a consideration when choosing a skateboard or deck however it doesn’t really matter the size you go for, a person with a small foot could ride a wide skateboard or a person with a big foot could ride a narrower skateboard.
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