What You Should Think When About Buying Ikea Baby Furniture

You just found out you are expecting a baby. This is your first, so you don’t have anything for a baby in your home. You will have to go out and decide what you want to get. Ikea can be the perfect places to shop for your little one. Here is what you should think about when buying Ikea baby furniture.

The first thing you need to decide is what type of nursery you want. There are so many different ways to decorate your baby’s room. This comes down to the space that you have as well as your own interests. Those who have a smaller room for the baby will have fewer options than those that have a bigger space. However, no matter how big the area is, Ikea has something that will work well for you and your baby.

Some people decide to decorate with a very gender themed room. If they are having a boy, they will use blues and if they are having a girl, pinks. Others will keep the room more gender neutral and go with yellow, green or even purple. Before you head to Ikea for the first time, think about what you would like or what type of nursery you are thinking about getting. You might have an idea that has been in your head for a while or you might need to spend some time figuring out what you want.

When it comes to the nursery, you will have a lot of choices when shopping for Ikea baby furniture. You can go to their store to walk around or look at everything online. Either way, after you spend some time looking at what they have you will know where to start as you will get the chance to check out what they have to offer.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed at first. There are a lot of products out there, and it can be hard to know if you truly need all of them for your new baby. Here is a break down of what you probably need for the nursery and what you can buy at Ikea. While not every family will want to buy everything on this list, it can be a way to understand what products are best to have in your child’s nursery.

Ikea Baby CribBaby Crib

The crib will be the center of the nursery. You want to find something you like that will hold up. You can choose the color as some people prefer plain while and others want something different. The crib is something you will probably have the most opinions about and you will want to pick out the right one.

When picking out your crib style, think about how you want the whole room to look. You should also think about where in the baby’s room the crib will go. This will help you know what you should be looking for and know what style of crib you should go with.

When you go to Ikea or visit the website, look at all the different cribs they have. Think about what your price range will be and how much you can spend. Some cribs are more expensive than others and some people are okay with paying more for the crib than others are.

Crib Mattress

In addition to the crib, you will need to pick out a crib mattress. This is an important part of the crib, and you want something that will be safe and comfortable. You will need to decide between a spring, latex, or foam mattress.

Make sure you read about the benefits of each type. Some people will want a certain type, and others will simply be looking at the price point. You should also make sure to add crib mattress covers and sheets to your list. Having an extra set of those will help if the baby has an accident or you need to have one set in the wash.


In the baby’s room, you will want some good storage for their clothing and other items. Baby’s tend to have a lot of stuff that they need from blankets to booties to hats and more. You want to be able to organize all of it as you will be using the things on a regular basis.

If you already have a nice closet, you can look into adding a wardrobe or two to the closet. This will allow you to stay organized. You can also put the wardrobe outside of the closet to have extra areas for clothes and baby items. If the room doesn’t have a closet the wardrobes are a must.

The good thing about Ikea baby furniture is that you should be able to find storage that will go well with your crib. This can be important to some people and will bring a room together. This is why it is a good idea to pick out the crib first so that you can find the other pieces to match.

Toy Storage

When your baby is tiny, you might not have very many toys for them. And most of those toys might end up hanging from their car seat. However, when they grow a bit, you will have toys for them to play with. The best thing to do is have a nice toy storage space to store them in their room and sometimes in the living room as well.

Ikea has quite a few solutions for you. From boxes to something that hangs in your closet. Take a look and see what you think might work and go from there. You can always add on to your toy storage later, but it is a good idea to start out with something that will work in your nursery.

Once your baby grows into a toddler and has bigger toys, you will probably need to have a chest or bigger box of some kind. That way your child will grow up knowing where to put their toys. This will help keep your come clean in the years to come.

Changing Table

All babies will need to be changed, and a sturdy changing table is a must. Like the cribs, there are different options when it comes to a changing table. You can go with something quite simple, or you can buy something more complex. Some have a lot of storage areas which can help with keeping things organized in the room.

Going to an Ikea and looking at their changing tables would be the best idea. That way you can stand around them to see if they would be a good fit. You want something that would be comfortable to use since you will be changing a lot of diapers there, at least for the first year or so.

If your crib has a matching changing table, it would be a good idea to go with that one. Keeping everything looking the same can good for a nursery. You should buy everything around the same time if you would like the pieces to go together so you can be assured that they will still carry them when you need to buy them.

Other Baby Items

In addition to Ikea baby furniture, you should also look at a few other items when you are shopping at Ikea. You will need to look into baby toys, items to help with eating, items to help with feeding, lighting in the nursery, and safety.

While your tiny newborn won’t be able to get around, your five-month-old will. You want the room to be ready for when that happens and when you are setting up the nursery, that is the best time to get things set. Ikea has quite a few safety items you can purchase and set up to keep baby safe.

If you have just found out that you were pregnant, visiting Ikea can get you started on deciding what you want to get. You might not be ready to buy anything that early but going for a visit would be a good idea. Then you can make a list of what you want and can head back there later on in the pregnancy to buy everything.

Make sure to tell your friends and family what you are interested in. If you have a baby shower, then people will know what to get you. Setting up the registry is the best idea. You can easily set one up, and then people will be able to buy you the things that you want and need for your baby.

Whether you buy the items yourself or they are bought for you, once you get them home you might need to put them together. This can seem overwhelming, but if you follow the Ikea instructions, you shouldn’t have many troubles.

Make sure you ask your spouse to help because some of the furniture would be easier to put together with two of you. Make time to do this, so neither one of you is rushed. If your spouse is unable to help you get things set up, you can ask a friend or family member to step in and help too.

Getting the nursery set up before baby comes is a good idea. While you could do some of it after, you want the room to be ready for their arrival. After you get the furniture set up, you can add things like rugs and pictures on the wall. You can look at Ikea for some of these items or use what you already have. Family pictures are always a good idea.

If you don’t have any Ikeas close by it would be a good idea to take a trip to see one. While you can shop and look online on their website, going in person will really give you an idea of what they have to offer. You can look at a nursery all set up to give you ideas and help you figure out what you want for your own baby’s room.

If you have older children or as your baby grows up, you can also shop for them at Ikea. They have a nice selection of furniture for children, and you can really find what you like there. If it is time to upgrade a child’s bed, you can go to Ikea to pick out something new.

When you are trying to decide what to buy for your baby, looking online can be a big help. You can read reviews from others who have bought baby items from Ikea. They can help you see what products people like best and even how they displayed them. You can hear about what works well together and what is worth buying.

You can also talk to friends and family who have bought from Ikea. Most people will be happy to talk to you about what their own experiences have been. If you know someone who has had a baby and has brought a lot of the baby things from Ikea, they would have a good idea of what to buy and can lead you in the right direction.

Buying baby furniture can feel overwhelming, but it can still be a good experience. Work together with your spouse to decide what you really want. Take time to go on a shopping trip to look at everything. Then make sure you have what you need before the baby comes. You will be glad you took the time to get everything sorted out before the newborn days begin.

After your baby is home from the hospital, you can start using the nursery. You will look around at what you have in there and know that you have bought some of the best type of furniture for your baby. You will be pleased with what you see and know you always have a good store to go back to when you need to buy something else in the future.

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