3 Fall Illness You May Not Have Thought About

Fall Illnesses

We we think about the Fall, we tend to thing about 3 major things.  The heat is finally breaking and the dog-days of summer are finally coming to a close.  We thing about back-to-school and all that comes with the preparations.  If you are starting school for the first time or going off to college, you’re all the more likely to be preparing ahead of time.  And along with college comes football.  If’s fun, fast and brings with it lots of activities. 

There are however, things that come with the Fall that you may not have given much thought to or realized.  Consider for example the picture to the left.  Did you know that strep throat flourishes in the Fall?  And that’s one of 3 illness that are known to spike in the fall.  The challenge with strep throat is simple: it’s highly contagious.  When one person gets it, it seems that all do.  It painful to eat, swallow and I know some that have had trouble talking because of the pain.  

First of the fall desease that you may
that you may not have considered is Strep Throat.

Lymes Disease

Lymes Disease

The second disease that you probably haven’t thought about is Lymes Disease. It’s cared by ticks and estimated that 80% of these little varments carry the diesase.  Why so much challenge in the fall?  Because that’s when they are in the most abundance.  Therebye making your encounter with them much more likely.  

I learned years ago that to reduce your risk of getting a tick, to wear white.  Appartly the school of thought at that time was that they can’t see white so easily so they’re less likely to jump on you and make you their host.  So if you’re going to plan a trip to the woods, you might want to consider wearing a white shirt.  However, you don’t have to be in the woods to get them.  A friend of mine lives in Pennsylvania and they have them in their backyard. 

The moral of the story: be cautious no matter where you live.  The basic symptoms for Lymes disease include fever, headache and feeling tired.  I don’t know about you, but that’s me on most days…but without the fever.

Lymes Disease is
something that you may need to seek medical attention for. If you had a tick (or ticks), it’s on the table.

3 Fall Illness You May Not Have Thought About110099


The last major illness(es) that occur in the Fall are allergies. With the trees finishing their blossoms and them falling to the ground.  When dogs and cats finish the drama of summer and all the rest of the transitions occur, allergies are sure to flare up.   What that means to you is headaches, runny sinuses, sneezing, coughing and an entire list of challenges that are specific to you and how your body responds to the change in seasons.

So what do you think, were these things on your list of 3 for the fall?  If not maybe it’s because of where you live or the fact that you don’t have challenges in these areas.  If you do, always remember that you can go to the doctors and get medical attention.  If you’re in a rush, remember that urgent cares are quick and easy to get into.  They will also save you time, energy and money.

When Fall Comes,
you should be on the lookout for 3 illeness: Strep Throat, Lymes Diesease and Allergies!

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