3 Things To Do To Improve Your Smile

Your Smile

Yes it’s going to be all about your smile.  After all, your smile is what makes your very first and often the most lasting of impressions that you can make.  After all, how often have you said what a beautiful smile so and so has.  Why?  Because smiles do make an impact and a lasting one at that.  Another way you can see the importance of your smile is by looking at Hollywood.  Julia Roberts has one of those smiles that goes on forever, as does Halle Berry and many many more. So did they come by those pearly whites naturally, or did they need some help?  The answer is both.

Some people are blessed with the genetics that allow for them to brush their teeth and they are beautiful.  On the other hand, like most of us, there are those that needed to have procedures that help improve their million dollar smile.  It’s with that note, that I’m going to give you 3 things that you can do or have done that will help you to have one of those smiles too!

If it matters to you...
then it’s worth the investment to have your teeth done the way you want, need and deserve them to be done.

Invisalign & Whitening.

Our first stop is invisalign.  These are braces that will cover your teeth (aligners), moving your teeth into the position that you want and need them to be.  

Having straight teeth impacts everything from how you eat to how you talk.  It matters and is important.  Most people that have a need for braces are aware of that need and often get them taken care of in their teens.

This isn’t always the case and if you’re an adult and need your teeth to be realigned, then this is an option that can change how you look effectively.  

Depending on how crocked your teeth are, will be a major determining factor in how long you have to use your aligners.  

Still not sure what they are…take a look at the picture.

The clear advantage to these as opposed to traditional braces is that invisalign are invisible, and others wont be able to see them as easily. 

After your braces are done, you might want to consider getting your teeth bleached.  Again something simple and ‘easy’ to have done, and it will finishing making your million dollar smile.

If you have to be in front of clients...
invisalign is a wonder option for business professions.

3 Things To Do To Improve Your Smile97815

Implants & Porcelain Crowns

If your teeth need more help then what braces can bring to them, your options may be implants or porcelain crowns.  The difference (while more complicated than this) is simple. With implants, it’s usually a case of the teeth being pretty bad and often times to the bone.  Often nothing can be used of the old tooth because of damage or decay, and the only option is to put an implant in. 

With porcelain crowns, you have teeth that have strong roots, but there is some damage or cosmetic need that you want to take care of and have altered. 

Again, it’s more complicated then this, but these are two good guidelines.  To know which of these or what other options are available, you need see your dentist or one that is extremely talented in these areas.

Don't let your age stop...
you from getting the smile that you’ve always dreamed of.

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