3 Things To Look For In An Urgent Care

The Need

Yes everyone is different and everyone’s preferences are just as diverse.  I understand that some people don’t care about how much money they have or how much money they spend, but everyone does care if they receive good medical attention.  We have a system set up so that you can you can get medical attention according to what your urgency is.

 For example, if you have a cold or sore throat, you are free to go to your own doctor.  Your personal car doctor if you’d prefer.  They are there at your service.  Often times the challenges is being able to get in to see them when you need to.  

Then there’s the surgeon.  He’s the one that no one really wants to see.  It means something evasive is going to need to be done.  This doctor is the one that you must be refereed to and the one no one wants to be refereed to.

Then there’s those events in life that you hadn’t planed on.  Maybe it’s a car accident, heart attack or stroke.  It’s the event that brings you by ambulance to your local emergency room!  Ouch! 

But is there anything in between.  Well if you get minor burns, sprains need immunizations, or have beads in a child’s ear, the better option may be to go to an urgent care.  If you’re not familiar with urgent cares, they are the stop between the doctors office and the emergency room.  

When you need to be seen faster
then 2 weeks at the doctors office, Urgent Care may be the right selection for you!

3 Things To Look For

I love urgent cares for many reasons, including how quickly you can be seen and how much lower the price is.  Most urgent care doctors are board certified ER doctors.  Most urgent cares have a variety of doctors to handle all needs and most can get you seen much swifter then an ER.  

What are the 3 most critical things to look for in an urgent care?  Your list may differ from mine, but I suspect strongly that you’re going to agree with these three even if there are some differences.

The very first has already been mention:  A wide variety of experience.  Almost if not all urgent care doctors are board certified in emergency care.  That means that they can treat anything that comes through the door.  However, if you’re a child and there’s not a pediatrician that can handle your child, then that’s a sign that it may not be the best urgent care to go to.  The same is true for all of the medical fields.  

When you go to an urgent care, consider some if not all of these fields should be accessible to you: Emergency Medicine, Internist, Pediatricians and a large support staff.  

is all of the difference between a good doctor and a great doctor.

Support Staff

A strong support staff is another critical element, and really this can be broken down into 2 of the categories.  Why?  Because a strong support staff includes everything from having RN’s that have been around the block more then one day, to X-Ray technicians, to an onsite pharmacy.  

If the support staff isn’t deep, then you’re probably not going to get the appropriate care that you or your loved one wants and needs.  The why is pretty obvious: If they don’t have an X-Ray machine, they’ll have to guess if it’s a break or not.  An educated guess, but still a guess.  While you may be able to drop by a pharmacy on your way home, would you really want to when you or your loved one doesn’t feel all that good already.  

Cutting corners on a support staff is a potential red flag as well.

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