5 Things You Should Sleep Through!


Sleep is one of those things that we all need.  But, I believe that there are several events that occur in our lives which now only encourage us to sleep through them, but would be rather disasters, let alone unbearable if we didn’t sleep through them.  I now you’ll agree and will probably be able to add some more events that you’ve done or experienced that you’d love (and need) to sleep through.  

So my first one up is clear by the picture: Dental work.

Not all kinds and forms of dental work require you to be asleep.  But there are a handful that you definitely would prefer not to be a wake for.  Consider if you’re having all of your teeth removed at once (as my mother did) or preparing for implants.  The procedures are long and would probably be more painful then pleasant if you were awake during them.

Therefore Dental work has got to be on my list!  

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This topic or event could take several of the 5 items alone.  Everything from brain surgery, open heart surgery, emergency c-section, appendectomy and most any other surgery or procedure where they have to slice and dice you can be placed into the sleep through category.

It’s not that I’m being picky on the subject, it’s just wouldn’t be very fun to hear the saw for the rib cages to be spread or the drill being used to place holes in your skull.  So not any fun and not any type of procedure that I’d want to be awake for.  I’m sure you’d agree.  

Yes, you could argue that with c-sections that women are awake every day during them.  But look again and you’ll see that I said ’emergency’ c-section.  That’s when the baby’s crashing and then need to get in quickly and often under a minute.  They don’t have time to wait for the spinal tap.  Baby needs to come out NOW and they don’t mess around with that. 

are another set of items that you don’t want or need to be awake during.

5 Things You Should Sleep Through!100322

Boring Movies, Lectures And Books

Hands down Gone With The Wind is the most sboring book I’ve ever read.  And I had to read it, it was a requirement for one of my classes in school.  I know many people believe it’s one of the greatest work of literature ever to be written.  But it’s wasn’t then, nor now, to me a piece of art or anything that’ I’d ever care to have on my shelf.

While you may disagree with this particular book, I’m sure you have your series of books that would fall along the same lines of boring and please let me sleep through it.  

Now you can transfer this same concept to lectures and movies.  For guys the sleep through, glaze over movies are chick flicks and for girls, it’s those blow-them-up blood and guts movies.  Yes there are some of you that are exceptions, but buy and large if you’re a girl you love chick flicks, and if you’re a guy you want all the action and are bored if it’s the other way around.  So feel free to sleep through those movies and lectures that bore you to death. 

If you don't like it and are bored by it...
you shouldn’t have to read it, listen to it or watch it. But the reality is, in school and on the job you may have to do just that!

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