8 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Mice Without Killing Them

Want To Get Rid Of Mice From Your Home But Don’t Want To Kill Them? We Can Help!

Regardless of where we live, mice can be a very serious issue.
Such rodents can easily find their way into our homes and cause great damages and problems. 
In A Hurry?

Sadly, some folks disregard the fact that
mice can cause major problems around your home.
But YOU know better.  You understand that it is essential to take any necessary steps to ensure that your home is a mouse free zone.

The following are some of the problems that can be caused by mice.

They may cause fire
The carry diseases

They are a major source of food contamination
So without further ado let’s take a look at how to get rid of the unwanted mice in your home.

Predator Urine Scares Mice Away

Predator urine has always been used to drive away vermin from their habitats at home.

The good news about the predator urine is that they have been commercialized and nowadays, we can get them from our local stores or even here online.
Predator urine works by scaring mice away from our garages and yards.  Let’s face it, mice aren’t stupid. 
They understand that a fox in the neighborhood means THEY are on the dinner menu.  This means they aren’t likely to want to set up shop and build a home inside YOUR HOME.
Take advantage of this knowledge to keep your home mouse free in the first place.

Cats Get Rid Of Mice

Cats Get Rid Of Mice

Cats may be used to scare away the mice.
Even though in most cases the cats try to kill the mice, it should always be remembered that mice hate staying where they can feel the presence of a cat.
Therefore, it is important to consider getting a cat because the cats sound and smell will be enough to make our homes mice free.
And unlike the fox urine granules… you don’t have to spread the scent around.  Your cat will do that for you quiet naturally.
On an unrelated but important note… If you are going to bring a kitty or two into your life please adopt one from your local shelter.  You’ll feel so good saving a cats life as well keeping your home rodent free.

Remove Food Sources

Remove Food Sources

One of the best ways to get rid of mice is by cleaning our environment. It is important to get rid of their food source because it is what keeps them in our homes.
I mean think about it… When we leave food out on the counter, unprotected, it’s like a veritable mouse buffet! 
What mouse could resist the temptation of easy to reach Coco Puffs, Granolla or even left over pizza in the box?  So get that food off the counter and stored away properly so you’re not inviting mice to dinner without meaning to.
Similarly, find out other materials that might be attracting them and dispose such materials safely.

Use Moth Balls

Use Moth Balls

This method can be used to eliminate all kinds of pests living in our homes.

The moth balls are hung or scattered in the mice habitats.  They think they are so aweful they’ll run for the hills.  And apart from driving away the mice, it will also contribute towards the elimination of bugs and birds.

Remember that regular moth balls are toxic!  Very toxic to insects and slightly so to mammals.  So be sure you don’t place them where your pets or kids can get at them.  For this reason I suggest you use moth balls primarily in the attic, crawlspace or in the walls.
There are non-toxic moth ball products on the market now.  But I have no data on their effectiveness on chasing mice away.

Use Chew Proof Barriers

Use Chew Proof Barriers

In order to stop the entry of the mice into our homes, all the openings on the walls should be sealed with effective items like crumpled aluminum foil or steel wood pads. Mice cannot chew through such materials.
After plugging the hole with something chew-proof like this you’ll want to plaster over it or cover it cosmetically in some way.  But don’t just use plaster or paneling because the mice have already established a “highway” to that spot and they’ll just make a new hole lickety split.
It’s also a good idea to toss some moth balls, cotton soaked with peppermint oil or cayenne pepper into the space before filling it up.  The more deterants you use the better your results are likely to be.

Use Humane Traps

Use Humane Traps

There are various traps that can catch the mice without necessarily killing them.
I love these traps because they remove the mouse from your home but give it a chance to find a new acceptable place to live.
They come in a lot of different sizes, shapes and styles.  Everything from a single mouse unit to a mouse trap that will catch up to a dozen mice at once. 
There’s even a contraption that turns a pop bottle into a mouse trap. 
Go figure I guess you still can build a better mouse trap!
Once the mice have been trapped by such traps, they should be released in distant places that will ensure that they do not come closer to our homes.

Use Cayenne Pepper Liberally

Use Cayenne Pepper Liberally

This is another trick that guarantees good results. Sprinkle some cayenne around the mice invested area, especially in the mice entry holes. The substance is a nuisance to the mice and they can’t stand to be around it.
Cayenne pepper may be good for our hearts but it’s bad news for mice.
It irritates them to no end and they’ll pack up and leave rather than have it sting their eyes, irritate skin or sizzle taste buds.
So pour on the HEAT and get rid of your mice!

Peppermint Extract

Peppermint Extract

This is a pretty simple idea that involves sprinkling peppermint on all materials that you do not want the mice to live in. It is popularly referred to as ‘the good-bye mint’ because it will eliminate all the mice from locations where you place it.
You can put the peppermint oil directly onto items in your home and or place a few drops onto cotton balls and scatter them in the areas where you know the mice are living or traveling.
Not only will this help get rid of your mouse problem but it’ll make your home smell wonderful too!

Last Thoughts...

Last Thoughts…

Basically, natural elimination of mice is a low cost endeavor.

It is superior to several other forms of mice elimination. For instance, it is superior to the use of electronic pest repellers since the units are expensive, you need many of them and the use of electricity will make you to incur extra charges.

Similarly, it cannot be compared to use of poison or traps because not only have we killed an innocent creature who’s only trying to get on with his life but if  you fail to locate the dead mice, you home will smell bad.  And then things are going to come to feast on the dead mice.

So all in all, getting rid of mice without killing them is  far superior to any other mouse removal method.

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