Meetings with the Closed Minded

Here Is another example o why I have chosen not to attend meetings. Simple advice stirred pot of closed minds.

I do some on-line rooms and one is an AA room . As I’ve stated I like some of the slogans and some of the metaphors but I truly believe the text is out dated and needs to be brought into the world we live in today where there is readily more available.

Some one asked how to beat the physical cravings. I answered with my advice that substituting one sugar for another, such as the sugar from booze to the the cookies and candy along with the mounds of caffeine is not doing the body any favors. I suggested to take the non essential amino acid L-Glutamine (of course check with DR.)

L-Glutamine blocks the sugar craving but also has many heath benefits including helping the liver and the heart just to name the top two.

Well, I got all those wise ass answers. One being that some one’s sponsor has been handing out candy for 52 years, Hello?? My Point!!! 52 years ago candy was the option today people are living healthier lifestyles, and to trick the body in to thinking it is still getting sugar from booze while indulging now in processed sugar makes it all that harder when and if you put down the sweets.

The liver has been dealing with the sugar from booze, why not give the liver a break and stop having to have the liver filter any sugar when you put the booze down?

Again, there are many more options available to live clean and sober and a much healthier way of of obtaining a life with out alcohol, but don’t be as silly as me and suggest something to those who can only read one book and approved literature, remember they say H.O.W. (honesty, open mindless and willingness) too bad “they” don’t practice it as well .

So, with that short barrage of crap I had to read, I move on, no wonder I don’t want to ever go back just to hear the same stuff over and over again while the world is ever changing so am I

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