Being Prepared! Survival for your family

Food Shortage

Many Americans do not realize how easily the shelves at your local grocery store can go empty in an instant. If only one aspect of the food supply system is weakened the entire “house of cards” can come tumbling down overnight.
To the intelligent observer it becomes obvious that the food supply that we have relied upon all of our lives is not as stable as it appears. But before we go any further I am going to let you in on a little secret that the government tries to keep under wraps…
Shocking Fact: Most grocery stores ONLY have 3 days worth of food on hand at any given time…
That’s right. If there’s ANY compromise in the food supply to your local grocery store, the store only has enough food to last for three days MAX.
But if there’s any type of notice on the news about a disruption in the food supply your grocery store will be picked bare in days, if not hours, in the frenzy that would commence…
You Need to Start Storing Food Immediately

What two most important resources that you need to survive?
Food and water.
And what are the first two things to fly off the shelves when a crisis hits? You guessed right: food and bottled water.
But the fact is that you cannot wait until the crisis hits. Unless you have a magic crystal ball that will tell you when the crisis will hit (in my opinion the crisis has already started) you will not have enough time to prepare when a full blown crisis hits.
It will be too late.
Once the crisis is on every news channel around the world every grocery store will be picked bare immediately. Just the potential of small, overblown natural disasters, that ended up being little more than severe storms, has caused people to panic buy and clear out the grocery stores overnight.
This has been clearly shown time and time again.
We see it every time the mere mention of a coming hurricane or blizzard is on the news. Use the following link to find out how to prepare yourself and your family for whatever may be in our future. We’re not talking about a zombie apocalypse or anything crazy. We’re talking about a simple disruption that could cause food shortages that we aren’t prepared for. This is a small investment for the health of your family.

This will show you exactly how to best prepare yourself for anything that may come from, hurricanes, tornadoes, financial failures, or terrorist attacks. There is no reason for you to not educate yourself and your family on how to be one step ahead of everyone else.

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