Biblical Truths

Plant a seed and Let It Grow

Every day people are facing a need in some area their lives. For the economy has empty people's pocketbook or wallets with the price of everything going up. Where grocery shopping bill once total $60.00 to $100.00 is now double that. Price of gas going up, it is bad enough families are struggling enough to put food on their table to feed the whole family, With the price of gas it takes a good bite of working people's and other sources of income, income. Employment downsize where is hard to find a good paying job with a family of four. I lost all faith in our government. There is so much controversy going in our government that is unreal. True Christians need not to panic, plant a seed in other's and ourselves. As for economy it is always going to be the same with some changes. If Christians have good seed and good water and healthy nutrients, watch the seed grow. God's word is our seed to help us grow spiritually and I know a lot of American people don't want to hear the truth but God's word is the only truth that will help the seed you plant in your life and God will do the rest when we surrender all over in God's power. Your seed may take the form of financially need, or time, or some other resources. Whatever the need you'e facing, don't get in uproar about it, or panic. God knows already our needs before we even ask him. As Christians and children of God who truly and faithfully made a commitment to obey his instructions and his Laws. Make sure we give 100 percent of our life in it all by giving it in faith and surrounding with giving God the Praise and worship by honoring God. Plant our seed in other's and God will do the rest. Walk in the path of the light and God will direct your path.

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