Blood Red Jewelry for Halloween

Jewelry That Simulates Blood

If you’re looking for unique jewelry this Halloween then take a look at this jewelry that is made to look like blood. From little red droplets to actual wound simulation, these delightfully macabre pieces are perfect for incorporating into a costume or wearing during the Halloween season to show your Halloween spirit. Some of these pieces you can even wear year-round.


Introductory picture was drawn and taken by me.


Vampire Bites Choker

This choker has to little red stones on it to look like two puncture wounds from a vampire bite. It also has red stones hanging down from the “bites” to look like blood droplets. This beautiful piece is a must-have for any vampire enthusiast.


This choker is made of soft black velvet. The “blood droplets” are red Swarovski crystals. They are hanging from small silver-toned pewter chains.

Blood Drip Choker and Bracelet

These chokers and bracelet are made to look like ghastly wounds along your arteries, with thick blood oozing out. These would be great to incorporate into a Halloween costume. You can go as decapitation victim. The thick choker is two inches wide and the thinner one is one inch wide. There is also a bracelet that looks like a very realistic ghastly wrist wound.


Blood Red Stitch Choker and Bracelet

This choker and bracelet are made to look like fresh stitches with blood still oozing out of a deep wound. They are red and black. They would make a great addition to a Halloween costume. You can be someone whose head had to be stitched back on.


Made with soft rubber latex, this choker looks like a very realistic ghastly decapitation that was sewn back up. The bracelet looks like you lost a hand and had to quickly sew it back on. Both have a slot closure.

Bed of Blood Roses Necklace

This beautiful necklace features black roses surrounding a red enamel heart with a red crystal. A red Swarovski crystal dangles beneath the heart like a drop of blood. This necklace is beautiful enough to be worn all year round. This is a truly beautiful and unique piece.


Bleeding Heart Necklace and Earrings

These are more subtle so you can wear them all year round. (And they’re so pretty that you’ll want to!) These are wounded hearts with little drops of “blood” dripping down from the heart.


Red crystals create the dripping blood on this necklace. The wounded heart is offset with noveau flourishes and a little skull. The heart is three inches across. The total chain length is twenty
inches. The earrings have three red crystal “blood” droplets dangling
beneath the wounded heart. They are a little more than two inches long.

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