Bobkona Furniture And Your Decorating Talents

8 Tips To A Fast And Beautiful Home Makeover

Furniture can be a fickle thing: You find something you love, but it doesn’t look like it will last or something that seems durable isn’t very nice to look at. You might find the perfect sofa, but the price tag is shockingly high.

“Bobkona furniture is made to be beautiful while enduring what daily life dishes out, without costing so much you can hardly afford to fill and finish each room just the way you like.”

Here are 8 ways to beautifully make your home over on your own terms, with a little help from Bobkona:

1. Add a new piece of Bobkona furniture to every main room. Furniture shopping can be a laborious, drawn-out affair, at the end of which you’re exhausted and questioning your logic for spending such a large amount of money. This is largely due to improper planning. Take each of the main rooms in your home and picture one perfect piece to either add to the existing arrangement or be the center of a completely new look. Narrow the selection down to a specific item and study styles and fabrics online; once you’ve determined exactly what you want, look to buy it from an online Bobkona furniture showroom. No hassles, no transportation woes and no worries with a warranty promising your satisfaction for years to come.

2. Liven up the windows. Too many people cover up windows with stark efficiency. While your curtains, blinds and shades should be practical and functional, they should also add character and charm to the room. Look for DIY projects to customize your window dressings or visit a warehouse featuring a vast selection you can see and feel in person.

3. Rearrange the main furnishings. Funny, how moving your sofa over to the corner can have a dramatic effect on the whole room. Remove little things, such as end tables and rugs, then play around with the main pieces of furniture until something really strikes you.

4. Splash color selectively. Pain, while relatively inexpensive and easy to apply, is often over-used or misused. Rather than covering all your walls and ceilings with a fresh coat of a standard color (like eggshell white!), draw the architectural features of a room out by painting only the molding or door frames. With this technique, you can select virtually any color in the rainbow, making the results more vibrant, artistic, elegant or modern, depending on your tastes and what you have to work with.

5. Showcase your friends and family with framed photographs. You may have most of your pictures on an electronic device these days, but real photographs in matching frames turn an otherwise ordinary wall into an extraordinary representation of your life and family history. Look for antique frames, oddly-shaped metal frames or simply buy plain wooden frames for a dozen or more pictures and arrange them up a stairwell or behind a sectional sofa. They’ll draw people as they complement the room, inspiring conversation.

6. Add new throw pillows and area rugs. One of the fastest and most economical means of quickly morphing a room into a work of art is by replacing the throw pillows and area rugs. Their style and color should match with your furniture and decor, but buying them all at once can ensure perfect coordination. Avoid patterns that are too busy, as they distract attention from the primary pieces and works in the room, but don’t be afraid to try something bold or outspoken – it can really give the area a lot of personality.

7. Get fresh – with wild flowers! Nothing complements an exquisite piece of Bobkona furniture like a vase of fresh flowers. They also add a fragrant calm to the entire home. Use felt or rubber on the bottom of every container laid on the surface, though, to prevent scratching or watermarks. Cork or bamboo also serve to protect, and they can add a lot of character in the process.

8. Make your bedroom uniquely your own. Rather than following any preconceived notions about how your bedroom should look, follow your decorative intuition. If you’ve always been a romantic, look into Bobkona vanities. Their elegant, classic lines can redefine an entire room and their clever functionality will have you enjoying every step of your morning and evening beauty routines. A leather ottoman beside your closet makes putting shoes on easy and comfortable and adds a touch of warmth and masculinity. Whatever your tastes are, they should be reflected in every feature in your bedroom, floor to ceiling, color and concept.

Combining aesthetic appeal, quality and affordability is a challenge with home furnishings , but that’s what makes Bobkona furniture so special and popular. Their pieces work with your decorating ideas, while serving in comfort and practicality. You don’t just trust them to look good, you trust them to last, making buying your furniture that much more pleasurable.

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