Chess Clocks For Sale – Digital And Analog

What Are Chess Clocks And What Are Your Choices?

If you’re planning to get serious about playing chess and compete in tournaments, you’re probably looking at chess clocks.

Things have changed a lot where chess clocks are concerned.

You used to get a choice of a couple of different kinds and that was it, but since batteries and digital clocks came along it’s hard to decide.

The older analog chess clocks are really museum pieces now.

They’re fun if you like fast games at home and slapping the button to make your opponent’s pieces go flying all over the board but if you’re gearing up for competition you’ll have to make a decision about which chess clocks you like and can trust and are easy to set up.

This page should help you make the decision.

Digital Chess Clocks

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Saitek Mephisto Competition Game Clo…
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Digital chess clocks are the most precise kinds of timer you can buy. There’s no hesitating or wasting precious milliseconds – the information is right there and you can trust that both sides of the clock are precisely synchronized.
If you’re playing against an opponent who isn’t as skilled as you are, with digital chess clocks it’s also easy to set it to give your opponent extra time for each move.
Digital clocks are also preferred by the United States Chess Federation and you’ll want a good digital chess clock to take with you to your chess club or regulated tournaments.
Protocol is that black has the right to use the chess clock he brought with him BUT if his is analog and white’s is digital, white has the right to use his digital chess clock, because digital is preferred by the USCF.
Of course you can pay just a few dollars for a cheap plastic digital clock from a big box retailer that was probably made in China, or seek out a far superior clock that has good feedback from experienced chess players.
Durability in any clock is nearly as important as precision so a well-made clock in a metal or wood housing is going to stand up to plenty of action.
The Saitek Mephisto show here (more on the brand later) is one of the best selling on Amazon for a reasonable cost.

Analog Chess Clocks

Value Chess Clock – Black
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Obviously from what we said above, analog chess clocks are not as easy to set and read and are not preferred by the USCF.
However, if you come across a sturdy analog chess clock made by a good company with durable housing such as wood or metal you may want to use it at home or as a backup.
Many of the older analog chess clocks were noisy, ticking away the seconds which can be very distracting.
Newer ones that use batteries and quartz movements are much quieter!
Many schools use digital quartz analog chess clocks and some makes are very reliable and accurate.

Wooden Chess Clock

Quality Wooden Mechanical Chess & Ga…
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Metal is very durable and so is a well-made wooden chess clock.
Many players actually prefer wooden chess clocks because they match their favorite board.
It can be relaxing and reassuring if you want everything to look just right as you’re playing.
There are so many different designs to choose from but the key is to be comfortable using your chess clock.
Don’t be afraid to test a number of different chess clocks before you buy to make sure you get exactly what you want.

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So What Are The Best Chess Clocks?

The best chess clock is always going to be one you can trust, read quickly and can be set up so it does exactly what you want without a hassle.  

Ask six different chess players what kind of chess clock they prefer and you’ll get six different answers!

Digital clocks are preferred by the USCF and you’ll need an accurate, good quality digital chess clock to take with you to your chess club and regulated tournaments.  

Black has the right to use the chess clock he brought with him BUT if his is analog and white’s is digital, the digital chess clock will win, because they are preferred by the United States Chess Federation.  So it makes sense to purchase a digital chess clock, even if you use an analog clock at home for practice.

Below we’re going to list a number of the most popular chess clocks available.

Prices are across the board (no pun intended!) so you should find a reliable chess clock to fit your budget.

Chronos Chess Clocks

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Chronos Chess Clock – Black
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Chronos chess clocks are probably the most popular timers in the United States.

They do cost a little more than many other clocks but for reliability and ease of use they are outstanding.

With large digital numbers they are ideal for the young and older players who may have diminishing eyesight.

It won’t take long to learn how to set this clever clock and use it in a wide variety of play modes.

The manual is 48 pages long – did we mention this clock is extremely versatile? You can set it to blitz mode or tournament mode, or set it up exactly the way you want it. There are plenty of pre-set modes you can use, so once this clock is programmed up you can forget about it unless you want to add or change something.

It also has options so you can set it to beep when you want it to and also adjust the LED lights. You can also purchase a handy cloth case to protect your Chronos Chess clocks.

Chronos Chess Clocks are proudly made in the USA.

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DGT Chess Clocks

31mEDWTdmBL. SL250
DGT North American Chess Clock
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Another good choice would be any of the wide range of DGT chess clocks.

The DGT North American clock has a wide range of timing choices and programming is easy and intuitive.

DGT chess clocks always get good feedback from users and you can choose from many different finishes and sizes.

One thing that makes the DGT North American stand out from others is that you can easily see whose turn it is!

A simple visual aid that many chess clock manufacturers overlook.

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BHB Chess Clocks

BHB Turnier Chess Clock – Green
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BHB Chess clocks are analog and that’s really the only problem.

They look like old-fashioned chess clocks but come in a huge range of colors.

They are well known for their reliability and durability and made in Europe from only the highest quality components.

These are the neatest analog chess clocks on the market and they don’t need batteries.

Analog chess clocks are far less complicated than some of their digital counterparts so if you’re looking for simplicity and elegance one of these BHB chess clocks will be an excellent choice.

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Saitek Chess Clocks

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Saitek Competition Pro Digitial Ches…
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There are two Saitek chess clocks that come highly recommended.

The first is the Saitek competition game clock.

This is an attractive and reliable digital chess clock that is perfect for school use, although it offers 10 different timer modes so it’s versatile and can be used with any board game.

It has a very clear digital readout and an option to turn off sounds and the LEDs. It comes in bright blue and is durable enough to take some serious knocks.

The Saitek Competition Pro is an attractive mid-priced chess clock that is durable, attractive and suitable for using with any kind of game such as Scrabble that needs to be timed.

It’s very modern looking with a brushed steel finish with black trim and offers 25 different timer modes, 3 of which you can program yourself.

It’s also small and lightweight and costs less than half of many more expensive chess clocks.

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Excalibur Chess Clock

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Excalibur Game Time II USCF Digital …
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Excalibur chess clocks are the United States Chess Federation’s timer of choice and the World Chess Hall of Fame, which has to add a lot of credibility to the brand.

You can use the Excalibur chess clock to time any kind of board game that you want.

It displays the time in easily readable 3/4″ digits and will keep precise time while you’re playing.

This is also another timer that visibly shows you when it’s your move with a white button that contrasts clearly against the black body of the timer.

You will also have the choice of a LED signal or tone when time is up, or no sound or light at all.

With large buttons the Excalibur chess clock is easy to operate and it’s very compact. Measuring just 6-3/4 x 4 x 2-1/2 inches the Excalibur chess clock is perfect for slipping into your pocket for a chess game in the park, or into a bag with your board and pieces.

So that makes up our list of the most reliable and durable chess clocks that get the best feedback from real chess players.

If you’re going to join a Chess Club or play tournaments it’s a good idea to invest in one of the best digital chess clocks on the market.

Or if you just like to enjoy an occasional game of chess at home with family and friends, then there’s no need to spend a fortune on a chess clock.

Just choose one that’s reliable and you find attractive and the best chess clock to fit your budget.

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