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Many people wonder what the secret to long-lasting love is but if a new scientific formula is to be believed, it’s a lot simpler to gauge than you think. Whilst mutual trust, loyalty and a shared love

Infidelity can ruin relationships. But as clinical psychologist and life coach, Dr Kanan Khatau aptly says, “Trust in all spheres including loyalty, finances and commitment are equally important to keep the bond

Top relationship trends that ruled the roost in2016 will be the year when

What is Forgiveness in a Relationship? With couples, forgiveness implies the recognition that although one has been hurt by the other, there is willingness to release the negative thoughts and feelings

No more walking on eggshells. Even though it can take some time to realize you’re in a toxic relationship, getting out of one puts it all into focus. Your life gets a boost in so many areas that these 16 ways

Mum had always nagged me about schoolwork and tests. But then she bought me an instant camera, and the whole picture changed

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At a time when the epic legal battle between Apple, Inc. (AAPL), and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd seemed to have settled down, Apple’s claim has added a new twist. Apple and Samsung are two of the world’s …

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Relationship Management – Sustaining A Competitive Advantage reviews and synthesizes the literature on relationship management and its central role in providing It discusses myriad views on Relationship Management and explores its many elements.Handling Your Relationship Problems It appears or so it seems that there must be a relationship problem in every relationship. This is one aspect in that very many people pray they will never experience. But be sure and understand that the only place where relationship problems will not occur is a place where there is no relationship at all.

No matter how small or casual a relationship looks like, there are problems associated with it. You Making Your Troubled Relationship Worse When you start off in a relationship, the future looks rosy and you envision a lifetime of eternal bliss and contentment with the person you love. The very idea of relationship problems might seem alien to you and you believe that you have found the perfect partner Quotes About Relationships – Help Solve your Relationship Problems This article covers the basics of why relationship problems exist in the first place.

And the quick answer is you, and your lack of personal development; Ouch’ That may sound harsh, but there are 3 quotes about relationships that tend to back up my view. you read on, to see if it’s true How Creating New Relationships “On Purpose” Will Dramatically Increase Your Income How would you like to spend 20 to 30 minutes every day building one new relationship a day that will double, perhaps even triple your income? I’m going to toss a new wrinkle into the relationship building game.

I want you to think about two words could have on your life and your income.Reasons Why Men Leave Relationships Certain reasons have been adjudged to be probable causes of why most men leave relationships. So what are these adjudged reasons why men so easily leave relationships that are apparently blissful to say the least…Happy, Better, Faster Secrets of Long-Term Relationship Success There are three basic requirements of a great relationship: To Happy, (and not made less happy the relationship), to Be Better, because of the relationship and, to get what we want in life (no matter what it is) Fast.

Find a partner to bring those three areas- in your life and you’ll be glued forever, provide them, and it’s love that lasts forever.What is the Potential of Any Relationship You have just met. the most interesting person. You toy with the idea that this might be the person of your dreams. You have – a knight in shining armor or the female equivalent Maid Marion or perhaps someone more exotic. The first meeting was magic and the preliminaries intoxicating and alluring. A few more exchanges and both of you are getting serious. Note: the relationship will not progress if only one is serious.

Is this relationship worth pursuing? Or is it one of many you will encounter as you seek “the one Building Healthy Relationships How come we find ourselves in broken relationships? I find that it is often from starting out in dishonestly. We begin many relationships in fraud because we want so much to please another person. We lie about what we like, where we want to go, and we dishonestly laugh at things we do not find funny just because we don’t want to be disliked. In the end, we will eat that relationship because it was not honest on the front end. At some time our true opinions will come out and the other person will be disappointed to find out we weren’t who we said we were. Read on to find out a better way to successful relationships.

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You will be able to create a burning desire if you keep an intense positive focus and energy towards ‘Your Goal’ it will keep your focal point the emotion fired up!

Emotion is Emotion – It is Neutral in Nature  Your thoughts, at the time, make it positive or negative. Emotion is an amazing thing, and very misunderstood. Everyone has them, feels up and down from time to time, and yet at times cannot understand what is behind the emotion. Emotion is a strange thing that is undefinable other than by the word which is to say, ‘a feeling which effects my mood’.Emotional Stress and Health – A Natural Approach The negative effects of emotional stress on health can’t be ignored. Finding ways to regularly de-stress and deal with worry and anxiety will be a great benefit to your overall well being.Color and Emotional Eating  Color relates to energy and can play a key role toward emotional eating. 

I would like to address the use of color to help you identify potential triggers and to help you gain control over emotional eating.Defense Against the Dark Thoughts – Defending Your Emotional System  The human limbic system is the seat of our emotions, and is an open system. This means that we affect each others’ emotions, and often can find our own emotional state “hijacked” by the negative emotions of others. How can you prevent this and maintain your emotional state?Our Emotional Rights  The individual bears responsibility for how he reacts to life’s events. 

Not reacting is more powerful than reacting.Mindful and Gentle Eating Process – How to Interrupt the Pattern of Emotional Eating  If you’re a gal struggling with emotional eating, you probably often feel like you have no control around food. Because you’ve probably used food for so long to medicate your emotions, it’s become second nature. You don’t have an accurate picture of it anymore. This is why you probably swear that you can’t live without M&Ms, your favorite cheesy puffs or Mom’s homemade lasagna. But it’s not the food that’s hitting your happy spots, it’s the connection to those memories. 

Use this exercise to re-train your brain to become more mindful when eating.The Art of Walking and the Way of the Breath to Change Stress and Realize Emotional Reality  The main goal of the Art of Walking and the Way of the Breath, in these basic classes is having a way to lessen stress in the shoulders and tension in the body through walking, by using a form of core breathing techniques to create energy circulation during walking. 

These classes aid you in understanding how the mind works in directing energy to energize and release muscles during walking and direct you’re walking from your feet up to hands then head centered on core breath action.Neutral State – Powerful Ideas to Manage Stress and Happiness in Your Life Today What is a neutral state? A neutral state is a mental foundation, a buffer, that essentially ‘catches’ your emotions before they get too far out of control. A neutral state ‘grounds you’ both when you are feeling down, and feeling up. (In depression AND in ecstasy)Awakening to Our Celestial Nature  This 8 day course is for anyone that feels that there is more to life than what they are getting. There are certain rules in this Universe that we must follow so that we can “Awaken” to the truth that each one of us has unlimited resources and possibilities to direct and control our life to be exactly what we would like it to be.


So for the next few days study these lessons with a completely open mind and follow the instructions and you shall see just how easy it is to understand and use the “Supreme Principles Of Being” to bring peace, happiness, and success in to your life.Emotional State and Its Impact on Influence Success Research studies have shown a clear connection between the emotional state of the individual and the success of an influence strategy. In these studies, people were either exposed to messages that were designed to induce fear-based emotions or romantic-based emotions. These emotions were created through short stories and film clips.Emotional Honesty: What Is Emotional Honesty Emotions are part of being human and this means that they play a vital role in each of our lives. This could be to inform one of what is going on in their immediate environment or to do with something that is being triggered from their past for example. However, no matter what their reasons for appearing are; they are trying to communicate something. And yet this form of communication doesn’t always occur.

A New Way to Get Divorced – Early Neutral Assessment – A Hybrid of Mediation and Collaborative Law  The divorce process, from a legal standpoint, is often intensely challenging – and costly – for all parties. But there is a new approach that may help couples reduce the contentiousness of traditional divorce proceedings while preventing prospective, costly litigation. 

A blend of collaborative law and traditional mediation, Early Neutral Evaluations or Early Neutral Assessment (ENA or ENE for short) is providing couples with a new path through the emotionally-charged divorce process.How to Handle Your Emotions When You’re Under Stress – Emotional Intelligence  E.I (emotional intelligence) is clearly needed most when we are losing control of our emotions – when we are upset, angry, confused or have any other strong feelings. This is when it’s most important. Questioning our instincts for action is a feature that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, but unfortunately, when the atmosphere heats up, many people lose that god given humanity and just become plain animals.Emotional Disorders and Fictional Stories – Four Viewpoints Travelled  External fictional stories mimic how your internal emotional system works. 

When your mind travels through a fictional story, in a book or at the movies, it shifts you through four viewpoints without your being consciously aware of it.Learn Steps For Controlling Emotions  We have all experienced situations where we wish that we were controlling emotions rather than be controlled by emotions. Like when you lose your temper or unnecessarily get upset. Rather than try to suppress and deny our emotions, we should deal with it the correct way. Find out steps to take control of your emotions and learn from it.Conversing From A Point Of Neutrality  When you talk with your children or your spouse and you try to get them to agree with you, you’re in trouble. 

Learning how to ask neutral questions smooths over potentially explosive situations. This skill will get you another step closer to effective communicating. Without the skill to bring in neutrality, you will be blind sided with negative reactions. This is a great tool if you want to make new friends and influence people.The Psychology of Food Cravings and Emotional Eating  Do you find yourself ’emotionally eating’ most of the time? When was the last time you were at your goal weight/shape? Have you ever wondered how to overcome food cravings WITHOUT any willpower? Finally, a scientific approach has been proven. 
Food cravings are REAL but overcoming them can be EASY. You know you will want to read this because we want to share it with you. Your Emotions  Have you ever lost your temper? Or said something in a moment of anger, which you later regretted? What if you could come up with your own system to control your negative feelings and reactions and consequently stay calm longer? Like the sound of that? Read on…  Cure Disease  Controlling Your Emotions  Survive Transition and Icky Neutral Zones  Sick of what you are doing? Ready to leave your old world but not sure what your new world is? In that painful in-between place? Ahhhhhh transitions. The tricky challenge of moving from one world or way of being into another. 

When life kicks us out of our comfort zone so we can become our next self. The frequent result of emotional  .Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity  Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity Emotional Intelligence (EI) is one popular emotions-related subject, and not only in the world of business. The EI approach to living life supports folks to identify their emotions as they happen, and manage their emotions in their interactions with others. EI is one approach to social coping.

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Another recent experiment in collaborative poetry writing is ‘TAPESTRY POETRY’ developed by Avril Meallem, a poet living in Israel and Shernaz Wadia, a poet living in India. Together, via email, they formulated the following guidelines for this innovative genre of collaborative poetry writing: Each poet composes a poem on a title chosen by one of them and without any discussion as to the theme of the poem. The poems are exchanged and then have to be woven into one seamless, flowing piece that can stand on its own. Being a collaborative effort the editing becomes a to and fro process until both writers are satisfied with the resulting ‘Tapestry’. The basic rules are: – Each individual poem has to be of 9 lines. – Only the person who gives the title has the option of actually using it in the poem. This is to avoid repetition. – The majority of words of the original poems should be kept but grammatical changes allowed. e.g. singular to plural, verb tenses, etc. – Adjectives and adverbs can be replaced with others more befitting the Tapestry but retaining the original flavour. – All 9 lines of each poem are to be used in the Tapestry, which effectively makes the Tapestry an 18 line poem. Further information can be found on the following website: http://tapestrypoetry.webs.com/

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 – A Review  great starting point for anyone interested in personal development and creating a ‘Mindset’ from which to re-launch your life. It’s not a step by step manual, it simply sets out ways of turning you around to positive thinking and outlines the key points that successful, powerful people have applied to their lives and the benefits of doing so.
If you want to apply some REAL mindset to your online business career, read my review and find out why you really must read this Book Review:   Here’s my long awaited review  . Devised after studying hundreds of the world’s richest and most successful people over a period of 25 years. I consider this book to be the business mindset bible. I’ve read it twice now and listened to the audio version many times over so I know it well. Hear some thoughts on itThink  Inspiring Book How a charismatic world champion sportsman demonstrated the first step in goal setting outlined in  .
How having a definite major purpose can keep you focused on your dream.How to Think & Grow Rich It has been said that everything we create starts with a thought. As human beings, we have the ability to shape & choose our thoughts. This is the most important task we can perform because everything we have today once started out as a thought or idea in someone’s head.The Thirteen Steps to Riches, Napoleon Hill – A Brief Look at Each In   talks of the Thirteen Steps to Riches. This information is still as relevant today as it was at the time of publication.
This article looks at each of the steps briefly.A Twenty-First Century Christian Review of Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” Part One Napoleon Hill’s name will surely come up in any serious discussion the philosophy of success in business. There are good reasons for this since Hill gleaned and published the ideas on how to become successful in business from some of America’s most profitable business entrepreneurs from the early part of the Twentieth Century.
What are some of these ideasNapoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich – Six Ways to Turn Desires Into Gold Napolean Hill’s Think & Grow Rich, six ways to turn desires into gold could arguably be one of the most powerful 6 step programs. Learn the steps and how to achieve true financial freedom.Think &  – Proven Steps to Riches, Money Secrets & The Law of Success This book is based on over 25 years of research in collaboration with more than 500 of America’s distinguished and most successful men of great wealth. These wealthy men have explained the money making philosophy, of their thoughts, idea’s and organized plans.
They revealed the source and secrets of their riches to the author and that was how this book was born.Think & Grow Rich – ReallyIf you are in search of material wealth, peace of mind, understanding or even spiritual harmony then this book claims to contain the knowledge you need, and if applied as directed will bring you what you most desire. Could it be true?Think & Grow Rich – Blueprint For Success! Your Steps to Financial Freedom & Wealth Think and Grow Rich alongside the Science of Getting Rich are very useful tools to help you change your mindset with regards to attracting wealth and creating success and financial freedom.
Here are 14 simple steps to reach your blueprint for success! You need to use all the steps and most importantly keep working it.A Twenty-First Century Christian Review of Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” Part Two Napoleon Hill’s name will surely come up in any serious discussion of the philosophy of success in business. There are good reasons for this since Hill gleaned and published the ideas on how to become successful in business from some of America’s most profitable business entrepreneurs. Hill also published many ideas that are in outright conflict with the teaching -. Some of these ideas are extremely dangerous from a Christian perspective.
What are some of these dangersNapoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich Mindset has almost become a buzz-word. What’s interesting about this is the effect mindset has on our everyday lives is not a new concept.
I’m one of the many who tried to read Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich many years ago, at a time in my life when I wasn’t receptive to the information.Think & Grow Rich – A Concept Every Entrepreneur Should Know Do you have what it takes to succeed? Read this article to find out.Think, Grow Rich, Then Take Positively Working Action By Making Fast Decisions, Changing Them Slowly Sure, I took the title from the Napoleon Hill book, but it is a better title than the one given by the title suggestion box: “Do not think, just do.” For thought is the impetus behind all action, especially beneficial action that makes you grow genuinely rich.The Starting Point For All Achievement – Desire and How We Apply it to Business – Think & Grow Rich The Starting point for achievement is desire and this desire is strengthened with clarity and determination to succeed.
For anyone starting a business, or anyone who has been in business for a few years, then this chapter alone gives some powerful insights into why people do not succeed and what they need to do to correct this.Thoughts Are Things, How Applying Chapter 1 From Think & Grow Rich Can Help Your Business The first chapter from Think & Grow rich sets the scene and introduces us to people who have succeeded, often in the face of adversity. They who a determination to succeed and the theme throughout the book is on of the power of the mind. Very few business owners consider what opportunities are really available to them.Think and Grow RichA Review of a Timeless Classic Book on  is a seminal classic book on success.
Since 1937, many have benefited by the ideas and principles presented by the author, Napoleon Hill. Whether or not you decide to read it and it may be in your local library, that’s up to you.Napoleon Hill and Auto -Suggestion Napoleon Hill was no dummy and he understood the power of autosuggestion which he even used in his   wrote the text with certain phrases and words written in LARGER CAPS.
This method of using small caps and large caps created the effect which is known to come from AUTOSUGGESTION.Personal Magnetism – Think and Grow Rich Author’s 5 Characteristics of Personal Magnetism Every great leader needs personal magnetism. However, are people born with personal magnetism or is this something that learned. In this article Napoleon Hill’s 5 characteristics of personal, magnetism are discussed.”Think and Grow Rich” Success In the world famous  studied the attitudes and traits  of his time.
The principles of success which Hill pointed out in his work are still as important today as they were when they were first written.How to Outwit the 6 Ghosts of Fear – Napoleon Hill In his   talks of the 6 Ghosts of Fear and how we can outwit them. But before we race off scaring ghosts, let’s look at it in a bit more detail.The Napoleon Hill Law of Success For Top Internet Marketers In my life I can say that I have had a hard time developing faith in myself. I was always second guessing myself with every decision I was making in my business and life. And in turn I would fail in my internet marketing business. inturn, not twice but dozens of times.
It was simply because I didn’t have enough faith and I wasn’t feeding my brain every day to have that faith. If I did I could have made decisions that were more in line with my vision of what I wanted to become.The Secret Hidden  In reading says there is a secret freely displayed within its pages, but that you will only recognize it if you are ready. He says that it seems to work best when aperson discovers it themselves. Since he does not say what that secret is I can only hope that I have found it.
Personally I believe the secret he says if hidden plainly in sight Whatever, Your goal, is of major importance but without the burning desire, it is just a dream. A burning desire is what turns dreams into goals to achieve. This burning desire is what has turned many a penniless man or woman into millionaires and billionaires. How do you develop this burning desireThink And Grow Rich Many authors boldly claim, “This book contains money-making secrets  volume that truly delivers. The 20th-century self-help success industry is built on the foundation Napoleon Hill poured with his 1937 classic.
Countless people have moved from mediocrity to excellence and despair to prosperity by embracing the principles outlined in &;-Summary Books on success are continually gaining popularity nowadays because more and more people want to improve the status and conditions of their lives. They believe that these books could eventually help them achieve their goals towards a fruitful and successful life. These self-help books provide tips, concepts, and principles that can be adhered to in real life. When these are followed carefully and constantly, it promises the result of finding real happiness within your very own self

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