Halloween around the world is traditional a fun holiday. It’s where kids get to be kids and get candy, and yes, it’s where adults get to be kids too for one day a year. Adults get to dress up and act like kids. It’s the one time of year where they can eat as much candy and not worry about gaining weight.

But there is a down side to Halloween, and that is the injuries that tend to occur. Often times this side of Halloween isn’t considered. But I wanted to bring to light some things that could be a problem, so that you will have it at the front of your mind instead of the back. So that you wont, or worse yet your kids wont be spending the night in an urgent care or worse yet, an emergency room.

the spookiest night of the year!

The Injuries

While Halloween is a wonderful time to collect candy, it’s also a challenging time if you don’t take precautions.  Part of the reason for this is the inherent challenges that come with going out to collect candy on a dark night.  Consider the following precautions before you go!

The Fall: Sprains and Breaks!  These happens for a number of reasons including but not limited to it being dark out, the weather, long costumes and masks that are hard to see out of.

For whatever reason stairs become a hazard as do curbs, grass and the sheer number of people that are out.  Seeing steps is hard and often cause slips and trips.  This in turn cause broken legs, arms and sprains.  The easy way to minimize the possibility is to make sure that you care a flashlight with you.

Oh So Good: The Candy!  Unfortunately we live in a day and age where there’s challenges with people putting things in the candy.  Before you allow for the little ones to eat from their harvest, make sure that you check it first and if possible take it for x-rays.  Unfortunately foreign objects are not uncommon.  Basic run of thumb for the candy, if it’s not sealed toss it!

Dark~Drunk~Drivers: The accident!  No one wants it to happen, but with all the parties out their, mixed with all the kids that are small there are bound to be kids hit by cars.  You don’t want this to be one of yours, so make sure that if they’re small, they stay with you.  We all remember being small and running from house to house which is fine.  But if that house is across the street and kids are darting between cars, you may not be so happy with the end result.  I know it’s a challenge even not being drunk.  Please hold their hand if they’re itty bitty.  If they’re not have them stay by your side.  If they wont, call it a night.  There safety isn’t worth the candy. 

Flashlights, no mask...
and children next to you are all simple things that can and do reduce your risk of injuries on Halloween.

Halloween Injuries103926

When The Unthinkable Happens

Sometimes no matter how many precautions we take, things still happen.  Costumes get caught.  Candles fall over.  Children dart into traffic.  It’s no fun, but it’s the reality of life, that accidents will happen.  When this occurs, depending on the severity, you need to know where the closest urgent cares and emergency rooms are.  If it’s life threatening, the choice is clear:  Paramedics and ambulances will usher you into the emergency room.  If however, it’s not life threatening, it may be faster and easier for you to go to an urgent care that’s close to you.  

You will still be seen by an emergency room doctor regardless of where you go, and you’ll get the attention you need.  It’s cheaper with urgent cares and in most cases faster.  Fewer people go to them, that alone saves you time.  If you’re in pain, it’s more important to be seen quickly and have pain medication on board rather then where you go.  

Having said that, do the best decisions you can and have a safe Halloween night.

Before the unthinkable happens...
know where your local urgent cares are.

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