How do you have an impact someone life?


Elsie was a character, she was a typical person who lived her life fulfilling doing God’s work. On, she was mother, grandmother, and a good friend of whom I knew for over twenty some year’s. I met Elsie when I was going through some tough times in my life, hardship trying to raise my three children on my own. I was married and all to a man I met in my childhood year’s and married later in my teen year’s. Our marriage was in very deep trouble for my husband was an alcoholic and he spend more of his time and money in the bars. Being an young mother and a young wife, I wanted my marriage to work and I took my marriage vows very seriously. Alcoholic is a sickness to, marriage vows says, through sickness and in health to death do you apart. Also being raised in the Mennonite faith I was taught that divorce was a sin. 
We moved in the neighborhood and being new my children and I didn’t know anybody. I lived miles away from my own family I felt alone. I thought if I was going to meet any new friends, the best place is to meet new people would be in church. So one Sunday morning I woke the children up and made them breakfast and got them dress and than I got dress told my children, mommy and your sisters are all going to go to church today. We finished our breakfast up and I got into the car and attend the closes Mennonite church that was near our home and not to far to drive each Sunday. When we arrived to the church, most of the people were not friendly, one lady was not at all friendly, Ms. Betty, she was sorta of the bully among the congregation but than children and I met a couple in their late forties and they introduce themselves to us and my children gotten to liken them. Invited us to sit next to them and we all did. After the church services was over, the couple invited to their home for Sunday dinner. 
I shared with Ms. Elsie and her husband what was gong in my life and she asked me if I had a husband, I responded back with the answer yes I do. I share a little about my husband’s illness. Elsie had compassion and understanding what I was going through as a young mother trying to raise three children. It all started from there we build a friendship and and more of a friendship. My children adopted Ms. Elsie and her husband as their adoptive grandparents and started calling Elsie, grammy Elsie and her husband poppy. Twenty year’s knowing Elsie, we bonded together. Two year’s before her passing, she now was in my shoes, going through some of her own trials and could not go to her church for she knew she would be judged so she came to visit me one day in tears and very upset. I invited her in my home and we sit down and I listened. Her husband of 29 year’s, cheated on her her. It was surprizing news, a shock to hear and even think her husband would even think of doing this to her. She was a good lady, a god fearing woman who loved the Lord more than her own life. I didn’t know what to say, I guess it got me off guard because they always had a good impact in my son’e life who was going through some growing pains and not having his father there to help our son through these tough times a father type to guide him, Son would go to Elsie’s husband for advise. The news Elsie shared with me, sadly I had to think of the welfare and safety of my son so I had to break the news to my son that he can not longer be alone with Grammy Elsie’s husband. I didn’t know how to break the news to my son in telling him the reason “Why! I sit down and I had a long chat with him and explained it to the best way I knew how and told my son, that he should not hate him but pray for him. Not saying you can see Poppy but when you want to visit poppy, it would have to be with another Adult supervision with you.

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