How to Declutter Your Attic and Basement

If you’re lucky enough to have the wonderful addition of an attic or basement to your home, it can provide plenty of extra space for storage.

However, there are many other uses for your ‘spare room’ – are you making the most of your extra space? Some home-owners choose to create playrooms for the kids, others have man-caves for the men of the house or even a library or workroom can be created.

If you’re planning on cleaning out your attic/basement space, it’s a great chance to earn some extra cash for any projects you may have going. Here are some of our ideas on how to clean your attic and make money while doing it!

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Car Boot Sale/Sell Online

While you’re going through all your stored possessions, cast a critical glance over things you don’t want anymore. You’d be surprised what people will want from other people’s attics! You might even have some valuable items hoarded away that you’re unaware of or have forgotten about.

First, pick out any items you think may be worth quite a bit of money. Research them online and put them up for sale on the likes of eBay, Amazon, DoneDeal or Adverts. The rest of your stuff you no longer want? Pack it all up (as long as it’s in saleable condition!) and buy a spot at a local car boot sale or garage sale. Sell stuff off at cheap prices and watch people walk away with all your unwanted items. It’s an easy and enjoyable way of clearing out the attic as well as earning a few euro on the side!


Many people keep clothes that no longer fit packed away in their attic/basement. There may also be vintage clothing from past family members that you’ve inherited. This may be a great opportunity to scale back on stored away items you no longer wear.

If you have clothes you have no intention of wearing again (they’re out of fashion or they simply don’t fit anymore) sell them! Donate them to a local charity shop! Let someone get the enjoyment out of wearing them that you used to. Many towns have plenty of places that will pay you by the black sack/binbag for clothing.

If you have vintage items that you no longer want, try selling them to the many vintage-themed shops that have popped up in the last 3 years. Vintage is very in-fashion and looks like it’s here to stay for quite some time!


Always hold onto pieces that have significant or sentimental value to you. If you have extensive amounts of gold, there are many places that now buy gold. Be warned – despite the price of gold being at an all-time high, these high street-based shops will not give you full value and your pieces will be melted down for their actual gold value. If you would like the pieces to go on and be appreciated for the beautiful jewellery they are, consider selling them online or at a car boot sale.

Before taking photos or putting them on display, give them a quick clean up. Here’s some simple ways of cleaning jewellery at home:

How to clean silver jewellery

– Mix one teaspoon of household ammonia and two teaspoons of washing up liquid into quarter a cup of water
– Dip a cotton bud in and gently rub it on the silver
– Repeat until all tarnish is gone, wipe with a cloth to shine it up again
– If the tarnish won’t budge, leave the piece to soak in the mixture for half an hour. Rinse well afterwards.

How to clean gold jewellery

– In a shallow dish, mix some washing up liquid (you’ll only need a few drops!) in with some warm water. Let the gold sit in the mixture for ten minutes.
– If the gold just needs a spruce up, rinse under the cold water tap and pat dry.
– If the gold needs more work, use a soft-bristle toothbrush and gently brush away the tarnish.
– Rinse under the cold tap and give the gold a quick polish.

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