How to empower yourself.

The Fire Within

We all have that fire within us that burns so bright and strong when we are doing what we love. I am here to teach you how to empower yourself and how to look at every angle before you come down on yourself. Please keep reading, you won’t be disappointed.


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Fueling your flame.

Remember that warmth and spark you get when you are doing something you love and enjoy. The feeling of waking up and feeling good and can’t wait to get to work. Please notice that I said work and not job, when you are doing what you love it wouldn’t be just a job. We all want work cause, work could be our own business or a job, their are some people that are happy in their job but then their are others that want to be business owners.
Now you must be wondering why am I talking about work and job, well we all know as humans our feeling of empowerment is all about self worth and our accomplishments. These can be big or small and still empower you the same, after reading this article you will understand.

There are so many of us who haven’t felt that fire burning inside for so long, wondering where that feeling has gone. Well let me explain the way I see it. When that flame is low or no longer burning (PASSION=POSITIVE), positive energy is what keeps your flame burning strong. WITHOUT PASSION = NEGATIVE, with negative energy your flame becomes low or worst gets blown out. I say blown out because every negative experience is like a person blowing on your flame.
– A bad relationship, blows
– Getting turn down on a job, blows
– Your car breaks down, blows
– Losing a love one, blows.
You name it, I’m sure it blows, I’m sure you can probably make a list like this forever but all you are doing is blowing on your own flame.So I want to show you how to fuel back that flame, bringing FIRE=PASSION=POSITIVE THINGS.

On to the path of positive. We all know what we don’t want but do you know what you do want? Let’s focus on the “do wants” instead of the “don’t wants”. This is something that I have found that can be very difficult for some people, cause you spend so much time focusing on what you don’t want you haven’t spend any real time focusing on the things you do want. Get a pen and paper, starting writing but avoid using the word don’t or do not.

As humans we absorb what we hear over and over again. From childhood our mother told us over and over again that if we touch the hot stove we would get burn. What did we do, we listened and believed that we would get burn. We may test out the theory but we believed it cause we heard it over and over again. The more we say something whether positive or negative we start to believe it. The more we believe, the more it comes to be, you are attracting your thoughts and words. This brings me to affirmations, and why they are so important to fueling back your flame.




The definition of affirmation is a declaration that something is true. So the more you say and believe in your affirmation it can become the truth. This is used to develop a positive mindset, it is a powerful life strategy.
Affirmation = Positive = Fire.
Affirmation is power but lets combine it with visualization and now it’s possible to achieve so much more. Remember the more you say it, the more you believe it and the more you see it (visualize) the more you attract it into your life. This positive attitude will be the fuel to your fire (life success). Affirmations can be as simple as, ” I am successful” or can be more detail like, “I am a successful lawyer with my own practice making $100,000+ /year.”. Affirmations should be written in the present, as if you are or you have it already. You can add pictures of what it is you want to your affirmations, I recommend this, it makes it more powerful and now it’s not just an affirmation but you have created a vision board. Lastly I wanted to share when you are doing affirmation focus on all areas of your life, Love, spirituality, health, wealth, dreams, etc.

I truly hope this helped you to getting started putting back that fire into your life.


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