How to get your book published for free!

Get your manuscript published for free, dont pay to have your book in print!

Ive been writing for some time now, almost 5 years. In 2005 I got real sick and almost died so I had to stop working my job as an electrician. I wrote my life story which took quite a while but initially it was produced to just help me gain some cognitive stuff lost from meningitis. I started looking around for publishers and finally found few that looked descent. The problem was they wanted money up front, some even to just look at my manuscript! The going rate was about 75 bucks for 10,000 words. Thisdidnt even cover editing or formatting my book. I also realized I was in a world saturated by self publishers who would charge between 500.00 to even 15,000 bucks to publish my stuff. i figured it was a loss, I contacted several and all they wanted was money up front. I couldn’t afford to barely survive much less pay to see my name in print. I started looking at Amazon to see if I could sell my book there. It looked like Amazon only sold books already in print and if I had a similar book i could sell it there. I really didnt know what to do until I found Createspace. This is a do it yourself publishing platform that allows authors to publish their work using a step by step format which creates a cover, interior,author bio, back cover and assigns an ISBN number. The best thing I found was it was absolutely free! I used the platform and at first it was somewhat challenging but I persisted and went through the process and as of today I have 5 books available on Amazon including my life story book which I initially wrote. One of my books is here on Kindle I would suggest anyone new, especially new to avoid the whole self publishing companies who charge and up front fee. Join for free and get publishing today. My next article will cover marketing and connecting your book. Best Dave Donahue

Tips to write for success
Stay organized, stay on topic and stay determined.

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