I am back

Had so much on my thoughts

I have decided to come back and start blogging again. It has been a tough year 2016. The beginning of the year of 2016, January 2, I was involved in a car accident. I was a passenger who happen to drive along with the oldest sibling who is now sentry years old.
The car accident was not her fault. A young girl of thirty some years old ran a red light and hit my sister’s vehicle head on. All three sister and two nieces were transfer to the hospital by ambulance. One of the nieces happen to be a special need child who would not remain keeping her seat belt on. She was sitting seat the time car accident occur but thank God, we all were not series injured.
The driver however in the other vehicle of the young girl driving was under the influence of drug related. The young girl and her passenger were fine.Both cars had to be toll away. Both cars were demolished.
An investigation was started and in conclusion: the young girls lost her job and was heavy fine for driving under the influence of drug substance.

April 25, 2016, I had to make a hard decision to put down my best friend, which was a chihuahua/mix. On the same day later in the evening, the little sister came calling only to bring more bad news. Our mother passed away. Two hits in one day. I became depressed with sadness and grieve to where I lost interest in writing. I do believe God counted my tears and comfort me in the time of my sorrows and grieve. Still and yet I had no interest in writing. I took the time to grieve for the lost my mother and my best friend Buttercup. It wasn’t until we laid our mother down to rest that the closet of secrets was being opened. The news back to me how my mother was being cared for and treated while in the oldest siblings care. I was not very happy how she mistreated a woman of ninety eight years old, a woman carried us for nine months and gave us birth, a good god fearing woman who we called our Mother. In result of hearing this news I cut all contact with the oldest sibling. To me to this day, I had to make boundaries and find my heart to forgive her but not to forget what she did, how she cared for our Alzheimer’s mother.  I look at this way, here a woman who was ninety-eight years old, who was our mother. She placed her trust and her life in the care of one of her children, it was our mother’s choice to live with this daughter but yet and still there is no excuse for her to be treated or care for in negative manner. She was ninety-eight, living with Alzheimer’s, frail and weak, who could no longer hear or speak. So she could not yell out for help or call anybody. Every time I would call and ask how our mother was doing, the oldest sibling would reply, she is okay and well. Because of our differences I was not permitted on her property or was I was welcome in her home. I kept my distance. I faithfully called her home every day or would call my mother’s sister to get an update on my mother. It eats up today, that I didn’t know the truth how my mom was being cared for, how she was being treated but I can assure if I knew I would taken action and removed her out of that environment. I prayed and prayed and asked God to take my mother home to be with him. On April 25, 2016, my prayers were answered. God called my mother home. I will always miss my mother but now I live in peace that she is safe in the arms of Jesus Christ. No more pain, suffering, or illness, or Alzheimer’s. We had our separate Memorial services for our Mother..I had made plans with my pastor to do the services. May 4th, 2016, I invited close family and friends to the Memorial services but ask the Pastor I prefer the oldest brothers and oldest sister not to attend because they would only bring chaos and drama. I wanted the memorial services be all about my mother.

June 17, 2016, my baby sister’s has to lay down her husband of twenty nine years they were married, he just turned sixty-one. He was fighting a battle with cancer for over four years..finally the cancer got the best of him and won. A few months after her husband died, my sister was diagnose with breast cancer. Life has been journey, without trials and tests in our life we would not be able to grow in our faith. Life is a journey so we need to remember to let faith be our guide. Jesus says; I will prepare and make my Home with you! It started out a rough beginning, with all the deaths, funerals and bad news but through it all I have to say, God was with me and gave me the strength to be strong to get through it. I would not have been able to be strong for my baby sister or gotten through the trials without God. I had to take some time away, a break from the computer, from blogging to take time to heal emotional and mentally.It is good to be back to writing again, good to journal my thoughts to release what I have been holding inside to be strong for others. I had to take some “Me Time” away from everything, time to cry, time to pray, time most of all to spend with God alone. I want to welcome everyone who stops by and take the time to read my post but also leave this small advice, always forgive, love each other because tomorrows are not promise to any of us.  

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