Inside of a relationship – part I

Waiting up for you.

The day started out like any other day. Quiet Saturday morning, Ian had left home early on a mission to attempt something new, he always needs to be taking on new project otherwise he becomes really depress. So Ian decided that he would go learn how to drive a motorcycle, something he has always wanted to do, he had his first class this morning. Gin and Sara slept in as they would always do on a Saturday.

Gin told her husband Ian not to forget that she would need the car after his lesson, so she could go to her yoga class, when she notice the time 30 mins before her class would start and hadn’t heard from her husband she assumed that class went long then he had predicted. So Gin wasn’t even upset she just decided to look up class for Sunday. When she finally heard from her husband it was shortly after and he really enjoyed it and was excited to continue on with the classes for sure now. Gin was happy that her husband had found another hobby and instead of pointing out that she missed her yoga class, she just listened to the exciting and fun he experienced.When Ian got home, he was in for a minute and then out the door again, he had some things to take care of for work and said he wouldn’t be long. Gin was like okay, but deep down she was hoping for some family time, going out and doing something fun as a family but she told herself if he’s not going to be long then maybe they will still be able to do something. Hours upon hours had passed and no sign from Ian not even a phone call. So Gin decided that she was going to text Ian to find out what’s going on, to her surprise he was over at his buddy Calvin. Not too happy about it she decide not to make a big deal about and just asked him to bring home some cheesecake. Her way of dealing plus Gin is fighting with gaining some weight.

So as the evening went on, Gin was playing with her daughter Sara and hurt her leg. Ian called to see how things were going and Gin told him how she had hurt her knee, he didn’t seem too concern. He spoke like he would be coming home soon but to Gin surprise or not she went to bed after midnight by herself with not another word from Ian. Then at 3:30am Gin hear her husband comes in and as quick as he comes in he is out again. Gin in and out of her sleep she gets up and checks that he actually left again or was she dreaming, but she was not dreaming he did leave again. So she called him and ask what’s going on and he replies ” I forgot my wallet at Calvin’s, just going back to get it. ” As weird as that seem to Gin, she decided to just let it go, but really hurt she was cause they agreed that no more of him sleeping out and coming home at unexceptable hours. Gin felt like Ian just don’t respect or care how that makes her feel.

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