Is Drinking Over Eating & Not Wanting to Deal Life @ Certain Times, Really a Disease ?

MY Opinion

I do love having a glass of wine and I do love eating a big meal, I find it comforting and relaxing, what I do not like is when I’ve allowed the wine to drink me and the meal to eat me up.

I had to re-evaluate everything that I was taught and I am not Powerless, there is always a answer if we look or pray for one. There are alternatives readily available to those who have opened minds and seek a new way of living

I truly do not believe in the disease concept of a 12 step program.
Don’t misunderstand you fill your body enough with anything for long enough that is harmful you will have physical problems and will have to alleviate those “Fillers” from your body and feel the effects as your body becomes accustomed to living with out the over indulgence intake .

What I do believe is that when we keep filling ourselves, there is an empty space that no matter how much we indulge that will never be truly filled.

I also believe when we don’t want to use our natural coping skills we turn to other methods that keep us from dealing with issues that are before us. It can be over drinking, over eating, too much sleeping, etc… in other words “Not Dealing”

Time To Look Inside and Fix What's Broken and Stop Putting on a Bandaid

Time To Look Inside and Fix What’s Broken and Stop Putting on a Bandaid

I have three issues that I can think of that have led me to drinking and eating to much.

One: Anger

Two: Sadness

Three: Fear

With out finding other ways to deal with these issues I will always be hitting a brick wall, no matter how much I share or how many meetings I’ve attended. I’ve come to know it time to get rid of these issues and stop trying to blot them out and drown them or just plain old not deal with them

Let get rid of what we are trying to bandage
In the next few days I’ll be sharing with you a bit on my alternatives to using your abilities to change anything you want and not listening to to others who tell you it can’ be done.

That to me is the true Definition of Powerlessness

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