LEGO Ninjago Costumes For Kids

Cool Lego Ninjago Costume Ideas For Kids

Finding a awesome Halloween party theme and costumes definitely make you headache for quiet some time. If you still lost and struggle to dig more ideas, then is good to recommended Ninjago costumes theme for kids, friends, and siblings for this Halloween season. You can makeup and dress them up with great outfits and start rolling with a spectacular Spinjitzu flight.
Are you looking for cool and awesome Ninjago costume ideas for this coming Halloween? Searching on how to dress up like Ninjago characters such as Kai, Lloyd, Jay, Cole, Zane, Nya, Sensei Wu and the other? If yes, then you landed on the right place. Here will share with you top ideas on where to buy cheap Ninjago costumes for your kids.
The Ninjago photo is by Flickr user garybembridge, under Creative Commons 2.0


Green Ninjago Costume

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Make Up Yourself Like A Ninjago’s Green Ninja – Toddler and Kid Sizes 
The Green Ninja appeared mysteriously on season one, and most of Ninjago fans try to guess who the green ninja is going to be. If you’re stay tune on season 2, then you should know the green ninja was going to be Lloyd.
The green Ninja costume come with four piece set which includes green ninja pants, shirt, hood, black belt and lion head printed image overvest.

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Ninjago Kai Costume

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Dress Up like Red Ninja – Kai 

Kai is a fire element ninja that dress up in red outfit. Get the right RED costume and suit like like Kai Ninja as below link.
To make it more realistic, you can add a Dragon ninja weapon set which includes: 4 weapon back pack, 2 Ninja Swords and 2 Ninja Knives. Both accessories and dresses match perfectly and you definitely look cool and awesome with those combination.

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Ninjago Jay Costume – Ninja Of Lighting

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Blue Ninja – Jay


Ninjago Jay designed with blue color which represent lighting element. You can look cool with dress up like Jay – the Blue Ninja for this Halloween.
The Ninjago Blue Ninja costume come with a shirt, hood, pants and overvest. To boost up the costume make-up, you can buy a blue color LED light up sword with motion activated clanging sounds that work alike Star Wars light saber.
Get to know more about Blue Ninja Jay by read of his story on: Lego Ninjago Chapter Book: Jay, Ninja Of Lighting

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Ninjago Zane Costume – Ninja Of Ice

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White Ninja Zane


Ninja Zane master the power of Ice and have a great wisdom among other ninja, but he doesn’t have sense in term of humor.
To dress up like Ninjago Zane, you need a complete set of white pants, hoods, and matching white color shirt.The vest should have a animal picture as like other Ninjago costume as shown like below links.
Besides, you can add more weapons like Ninja Sais, Swords, and Nunchucks and show off with some martial art weapon skills play.

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Ninjago Cole Costume – Ninja Of Earth

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Black Ninja Costume


The black Ninjago -Cole is the master power of Earth and claimed to be the strongest ninja of the group. He kind of strategical person which have proper planning to get rid of enemies and behave brave yet responsible to deal with touch situations.

To dress up costume similar like Black Ninja Cole, you need to get a shirt, hood, pants and one printed animal image overvest. You can choose different kind of accessories to match with the costumes like what type of weapon you want with you. Cole’s weapon are a katana sword and a staff.

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Ninjago Nya Costume

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Let make up and dress like Girl Ninja Nya 

The Ninja Nya costume can put together with a kimono, pants and headband but sock, shoes and headband shoes sold separately.

  • Child’s Red Dragon Ninja Costume – Medium
  • Fun costumes for kids and adults
  • Whether it’s for halloween, a themed party, or even for giggles
  • Beautiful colors, hand-wash needed, excellent for dress up
  • Black kimono with red trim and dragon design
  • Includes pants and headband

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