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Make her laugh: the power of laughter in a relationship

Admit it guys, the first sign your flirting is working is that it makes her laugh. For her, laughing means she feels good. If you can then you make her feel good. Why in the world wouldn’t she want to hang out with you?
That’s why you gotta focus your efforts during the first few dates on making her laugh her lungs out. Just be careful not to make her laugh AT you. Be funny but not a clown.
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Why You Want to Make Her Laugh

According to 86% of female users revealed they are looking for a man with a good sense of humour. A similar study from shows that 72% of women rate humour above good looks when looking for a partner.
There is a reason for that, a physiological one.
Laughter is a nervous reaction to a certain effector. This reaction is accompanied in the brain with the release of chemicals, such as dopamine and adrenaline, triggers the emotional feeling of happiness. Subconsciously, we correlate happiness with the company of those who can make us laugh. And this is what you want her to do when you make her laugh: correlate your presence with happiness.
From relationship experts point of view girls prefer the company of those who can entertain them. They also think that humour is an indicative of intelligence.

How to make her laugh

How to make her laugh

There are two things you can do to make her laugh: be yourself and let only those girls who find the real you funny through to you, or learn how to be funny in a way that attracts girls.
There are many courses for how to be a comedian but I don’t advice taking these courses with the purpose of picking up girls. Instead it is highly recommended that you learn how to be funny around girls by taking one of the courses specialised in how to make her laugh.
One of the best selling courses out there is the “high status humour” course. It’s designed for just one purpose: how to make her laugh and fall in love with you. It’s a home study course that comes in the form of several multimedia modules in which the instructor walks you through all the steps from wherever you are all the way up to become the alpha male just by being funny.

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