Must-ask Questions For Pressurized Walls!

Pressurized Walls

You’ve made the big decision, and have decided not to build an entire room, but to put up pressurized walls, and by doing so, add a new room from existing space.  But you’re finding you still face a few challenges, the first of which is how to select a company to do the job.  I know it’s not easy to know where to go, so I’m writing this Sirgo in hopes of giving you some basic information on a handful of questions that will make your search easier.
Number one will always be to do your research, ask friends, family and co-workers for references that they may have. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s a good starting point. Some of this information is necessary inquire about, while some of it is just about preference.  Either way, you’ll want to write it down, and ask each company that you’re reviewing. If the company becomes defensive at these questions, it’s always always ALWAYS a RED FLAG, and you need to RUN!
Remember that pressurized walls aren’t limited to walls. The French doors to the left are also a creation of pressurized walls.   

No Question is a Dumb Question...
especially when it’s your money at stake!

Your Top Questions

Arguable the first question you need to know the answer to is this: What’s the difference between real walls and pressurized walls.  Simply put, pressurized walls are built without the aid of nails, screws and the like, in order to attach them to walls.  They are free standing walls, that allow for a needed separation between rooms.   Most people don’t have the ability to see the difference in the walls.  This is especially true if you paint your walls, and decorate them, just like any other wall in your home.  Consider also, that pressurized walls typically hold no more than 30 pounds of weight.  If for any reason, you need them to hold more, you need to talk with the company for reinforcement.
For me, the next most important things is to determine if you are going be leasing the walls or actually buying them.  This isn’t as complicated as you might think, but it’s important that you understand the difference.  If you’re going to rent the walls (lease them), you’re going to open the door to a price increase after each lease is up.  It’s no different than renting your apartment or home, when you’re lease is up, they can raise the prices.  
If you buy the walls, you have locked in the price and it’s done.  You never need to worry about them raising the price (as long as it’s in a contract before the job’s done), and you never need to worry about them ‘repossessing’, your walls if you can’t make a payment.  In my view, there’s no choice but to buy, make sure you find out which way the company does business.  

Cars aren't the only that that get's reposed!
Homes, walls and more can go out the door!

Last Things

One of the biggest concerns for people is how sound proof the rooms are going to be.  It’s understandable if your mother-in-law has to come and live with you, you don’t want her to be all in your business, so it’s an important questions.  The answer:  It’s like most rooms, if the jobs done right, like jobs done by All Week Walls, then noise will be muffled.  If it’s not, then the company didn’t know what they were doing.
Consider to, that you can have different shapes and sizes when you’re getting walls done.  It’s not just about an 8 X 10 room.  You can have it larger, smaller, with windows, without windows.  In the most important ways, having pressurized walls is no different than having an ‘actual’ room built!  You simply save time and money having it done by pressurization over solid walls.  
Lastly, pressurized walls are critical if you live in a place that wont allow for you to make alterations.  The reason is simple: they can be taken down.  If the company’s good, they can do it within a few days.  If they’re not able to, it can always be because they’re over flowing with business.  I once had a doctor that was so good, that women would wait 3 hours to get in.  The same can be true in any business.

Your walls, need to be the
priority for any company you bring out, just ask

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