Oil And Gas Investors

Have you ever given thought to how oil and gas wells are developed? Is it just the big gas companies or are there private investors like yourself that could in fact have a part of a well? If so, how would you go about becoming part of that investment and how would you know if it’s something that would work for you? How would you know if someone is good at securing investors and putting them together with oil wells?  Depending on the amount that may be invested, you don’t really want to risk it going into the wrong hands.
That’s where this Sirgo comes in,  I will give you some ideas about what to look for as an investor, and even a connection for your investment. Enter Joe Ireland! A man of integrity, experience, knowledge and connections.

Oil And Gas Investors

When You Want to Invest...
you have to do it right, and have someone with experience.

What You Should Expect

When you’re planning to invest in oil wells, there are a few things that you should know. It’s vital to find someone with a strong background in the field, which means that they understand the importance of the money that you want to invest, but also the importance of investing your money into the right wells.
First, the wells. Your chosen investment advisor should know where drilling is currently occurring. There’s a greater chance for success in existing sites.  Not all wells hit pay dirt, so it’s important to know what’s going on in the area where the drilling is occuring. 
Second, you need to have someone with connections in the field, someone with a proven track record. This means that they have long-established connections in the field, and will know who’s going to work best for where you’re looking at investing. After all, not all oil wells are the same, and not all investors are the same. 
Third, does the company that’s going to do your investing have connections with geologists? The knowledge and experience of a geologist will have considerable impact on weather your well has success.  If not, you might consider moving on. 

Not All Wells are the Same
Make sure your geologist, knows what they’re doing AND what you’re looking for.

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More to Know

There are certain positions that should be independent of others to avoid a conflict of interest. The oil company should be separated from the company that will be managing the operations. Both should have extensive experience.  The oil company should be involved in building and harvesting the oil, the management company in monitoring and controlling the daily operations at the job site.
Perhaps the most critical of these is where strategic oversight is concerned. The company you deal with must o know where things are going and what direction to take the project.  If they aren’t sharp in this area, the end result could be disastrous.
Finally, these areas must be able to work together.  Each one has separate knowledge and expertise, but they must be able to work as a team in order to get the best results for your investment.
What does this have to do with Joe Ireland?  He has the expertise in these areas to know who to go to, which wells work and which ones don’t;  what geologist to use, and which partnerships work well together and which ones don’t.  That’s the professional that you want helping you to invest in oil and gas wells.

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