Picking Up Diary Of Wimpy Kid Movies

It’s difficult to find a great series of family movies in this day and age. There are so many movies that claim to be family appropriate, yet have all manner of joking references to drugs, sex, and other adult themes and actions. That’s before you get in to the questionable lessons many of these so called family moves impart. You see all manner of different lessons, such as treating women as prizes to be won, acting as though creepy, possessive, and abusive behavior is somehow romantic, and all manner of other somewhat horrifying lessons.

It’s no wonder, then, that there are so many movie studios making movies based on beloved children’s franchises. Unfortunately, so many of those movies wind up falling flat. They simply don’t have the same adorable whimsy of their source material, or the movie studios completely screw up the idea of the source material, or they’re just plain bad movies. That makes things incredibly difficult when you want to find some great family movies that are actually going to be fun to watch. No one wants to waste their time watching bad movies, after all.

Is there any movie series that will give you some great movies that will also teach great lessons? Of course there is! The movies you’re looking for are the Diary of Wimpy Kid movies! These movies portray plots and events from the series of books entitled Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney. It’s a series of timeless books teaching timeless lessons and telling timeless stories. They follow the life of Greg Heffley, a middle school student who has to deal with normal, every day life. Younger children will get an idea of what it may be like to be an older child, children in middle school will recognize events and situations from their own lives, and even older children and adults will be able to look on these events and think back to times in their lives where those events mattered.

Truly, it’s a book series for all ages. Which means the movies are movies for all ages. That’s why, when you’re looking for family movies that will teach family appropriate lessons and have family appropriate themes, you want the Diary of Wimpy Kid movies. They really are the best out there in terms of family viewing pleasure. You won’t find anything else out there that even matches!

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Diary Of Wimpy Kid Movie 1The first movie, named simply “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, is based on the first book of the same name. The plot of the book starts with Greg Heffley’s first day of middle school. His older brother mocks him because of his school supplies. Specifically, instead of getting him a journal like he asked for, his mother got him a simple red diary. This is a great moment, both in the book and in the movie, because it talks about a very real problem many kids experience. How do you deal with a situation when you ask for a particular thing, but you receive another? What’s more, how do you deal with it when that thing is considered a “girl” thing when you’re a boy?

Greg’s answer is simply to make the best of it and make use of the diary. Thus, it becomes the titular diary, where as Greg is the titular wimpy kid. He deals with the same sort of problems that many kids his age deal with. He has an older brother who picks on him, and a younger brother who is often spoiled to the point of getting whatever he wants and getting away with whatever he does. Of course, parents and adults can read between the lines on many of these things. In many cases, it’s not that the younger brother is spoiled, but rather, is simply younger. What Greg interprets as “getting away with anything”, is really a matter of the parents being willing to let many things go because the younger child is younger, and thus doesn’t know any better. What Greg identifies as “getting whatever he wants” is often just a matter of feeling as though Greg himself doesn’t get everything he wants. These are very real problems that many children have, and Greg’s problems can resonate with children of that age, and be used as a learning tool for parents.

The entire book is like this, and the movie follows in the same vein. Children and adults alike will see a huge number of situations that feel exactly like real life. When Greg’s father talks about wanting Greg to go outside and play instead of playing video games, it’s something that many children deal with. It can help start conversations between parent and child about the fun of video games, and how they can be used as learning tools as well as creativity enhancers. It can also lead to a conversation where parents can talk about things they’d like to see the child do, and things the parent and child can do together. You never know what kinds of conversations can be started when parent and child are willing to listen!

The movie follows the plot of the first book fairly well, though of course not every situation in the first book is in the movie. The actors portray their parts well enough that you really get a feeling for the different characters. You can really get into the head of Greg and his best friend Rowley. You can also see all the times when Greg’s actions directly have an impact on the world around him, and parents can use this to explain to children how to take responsibility for their choices. Thus, these family movies are family movies in the truest sense, allowing the entire family to have something enjoyable to watch that can also be used as learning tools.

The Second Movie In The Movie Series

Roderick RulesReleased in 2011, Rodrick Rules is a movie based on the second book of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series of the same name. This book, and thus this movie, follows more of the relationship between Greg and his brother Roderick. While there are a number of situations that crop up at school, and a particularly large situation involving a school science project, it deals much more closely with how Roderick and Greg manage to get along. Or, as is often the case, don’t manage to get along.

Much of the plot involves the creation of something called “mom bucks”. These were created by Greg and Roderick’s mother, in an attempt to get the two to get along. She noticed that the two were often without money, and chose to give them play money that they can then turn in for real money. The idea was that it would give them incentive to get along together. It works, to some extent, but Roderick and Greg still have many issues.

Greg, at one point in the story, discovers his friend Rowley has play money that’s identical to these mom bucks. Greg steals the money, and then comes up against a problem in which he needs Roderick’s help. Roderick charges Greg 20,000 mom bucks, but this backfires when he tries to cash the mom bucks in. Mom realizes that they are fake, and confiscates all the mom bucks, both from Roderick and from Greg.

Parents and children alike will recognize many of these problems. Parents will see the kinds of issues that their children often have when it comes to getting along with their siblings. Not only that, but they’ll see how well, or not, the idea of bribing their children can work when it comes to getting them to get along. It can also help give you a great moment to talk about the benefits and drawbacks of theft and lying. After all, Greg stole from his friend, thinking that it would be of benefit to him. To a degree, it was. He had enough mom bucks to get his brother to help him. However, it also backfired, and he lost everything.

These are solid lessons that any child should be learning, and Diary of Wimpy Kid movies can help you teach them. The second movie follows the plot of the second book as well as the first movie follows the plot of the first book, and it’s just as well acted and directed. Just like the first movie, Zachary Gordon portrays Greg Heffley with skill and style, but it’s not directed by the same director. The first movie was directed by Thor Freudenthal, where as the second movie was directed by David Bowers. Even so, the movie flows incredibly well, and the pacing is quite good.

The Third Movie In The Series

Dog DaysThe third and final movie in the series is based on the fourth book of the book series, Dog Days, as well as the third book in the series, Last Straw. Since it’s a movie that combines plot moments from two different books, the third movie doesn’t quite flow as well as the first two movies do. There are some segments that do feel a little out of place, and if you’re attempting to follow along with the books, you might wonder where some of your favorite moments are.

That said, the third movie is no less fantastic than the first two. Once again, Zachary Gordon portrays Greg Heffley, in a movie that will allow families with children of all ages to be able to enjoy and fall in love with. They’ll be able to once again see situations and experiences that are very similar to their own, everything from Greg’s relationship with his friends and his parents, to his relationship with his siblings. Children may even get the idea to do what Greg and Rowley do, and start up a lawn care service during the summer.

This will allow parents to talk to their children about the various responsibilities in trying to operate even a simple business. It may even encourage children to really start looking into doing such things themselves. Parents can talk to children about what kind of business they may wish to run, whether or not that kind of business is actually feasible in their neighborhood, and if the children can actually perform the tasks and services that they’ll need to perform in order to make the business work. Parents will get an opportunity to work closely with their child, helping their child learn and grow as they have new experiences and learn new skills.

Family Lessons And Family Entertainment At An Affordable Price

It’s not easy to find simple, fun family entertainment these days. It’s even more difficult to find simple, fun family entertainment that helps you teach lessons to your children. So many of the movies out there on the market are nothing more than flashy lights and sound, created to distract a child for a few hours. If you care about your children and want them to learn, you don’t want to get them that kind of movie.

That’s why Diary of Wimpy Kid movies are the greatest movies for family night. They don’t just give you fantastic entertainment. Certainly, they’re great movies. They’re incredibly well acted, and you can tell that a great deal of love and care went into them. You can tell that the directors really loved the source material, and that the actors really attempted to get into the minds of the characters they were trying to portray. You can tell that the script writers had a real respect for the source material, and wanted to present it on screen in the most respectful way possible.

However, they’re not just great entertainment. Like all of the best children’s entertainment, they give you an opportunity to teach your child about the world around them. They give you the chance to help your child learn and grow, and become the adult you want them to be. Truly, there’s not much better in terms of family entertainment.

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