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Shampoo Bar VS Liquid Shampoo for you?

shampoo bars or liquid shampoo for you
shampoo bars or liquid shampoo for you

In 2021 do you think it will be shampoo bars or liquid shampoo for you? Shampoo bars serve a dual purpose. On the one hand, they are personal care products that can be used to manage your hair well. On the other hand, they can also be used to help improve your hair condition. Since liquid shampoos tend to be more concentrated and filled with lotions, they can be more harmful to your hair than natural shampoos. These products, when consumed regularly, increase the risk of certain health problems such as acne or even hair loss.

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Here are some pros and cons to help decide whether it’s going to be shampoo bars or liquid shampoo for you:


  • Traveling! The travel shampoo and conditioner bar has been around for quite some time and you can find it in most hair saloons nowadays. This bar contains essential oils and extracts which can help to heal your scalp from damage due to friction and heat styling. It is important to use this product during the initial weeks after adopting a new hairstyle as this reduces the chances of split ends and damaged hair strands. After using travel shampoo on a regular basis, you will begin to recognize the difference travelling with this product creates in your hair.
  • Shampoo bars, unlike liquid shampoos, do not leave behind any residue on your hair and they make the hair feel silky smooth. This is one reason why bar formulae are better for people with coarse hair as they can run their fingers through it rather than pulling out a product they don’t like.
  • Shampoo bars generally last longer then liquid shampoo, because you don’t need to use as much.
  • Most shampoo bars are plant based! Which is a great alternative to nasty chemicals, leaving your hair deeply moisturized and healthy.

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Next we’ll have the list of cons to help choose whether it’ll be shampoo bars or liquid shampoo for you!






  • Bar shampoo expires faster then liquid shampoo, generally lasting only a few short months.
  • The friction created from bar shampoo can cause tangles in hair, which can be uncomfortable.
  • The difference in pH levels between liquid and bar soaps is what allows them to do different things for us hair care. Liquid soaps are blended with water to create a thicker foam while bar soaps contain unsaturated fats which create a sludge-like environment that can be more comfortable for our hair.
  • Soap scum can appear anywhere on your body including on your hair, especially if you have hard water. The best prevention against soap scum is to reapply Apple cider vinegar after use to remove any remaining residue or dirt from your hair.

I hope this helped with your choice of whether it will be shampoo bars or liquid shampoo for you in 2021!

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