The Best Laser Hair Removal At Home

Lumi A safe and easy to use method for hair removal

 A lot of people use a great deal of trial and error to get rid of unwanted hair on their own body. In today’s style and trend conscious time, men and women pay attention to personal grooming equally. Eliminating unwanted hair is a big part of it. The traditional types of removing hair are shaving, waxing and epilation. After the emergence of laser skin treatment as a substitute painless measure, many started adopting laser skin treatment.

Recently, a whole new technology, advanced IPL technologies have surfaced to become a popular method to remove unwanted hair at home. EvoDerma Lumi is an IPL System to remove the hair during the growth stage making it easier to get and maintain a smooth body.

What is IPL?

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light technology has been used by professionals in spas and dermatological clinics all over the world for the past fifteen years. Now it is among one of many proven and efficient technologies that can be used to remove unwanted hair. It`s efficiency is proven by studies by professionals across the world. In this technology, hair re-growth is disabled by intensive treatment with optical energy. This is what’s called photothermolysis.

Hair contains a pigment called Melanin. In the IPL technology, your hair is exposed to a beam of highly energized intense light. The pigment adsorbs the light emitted from the pulses. The force disables the head of hair follicles. Progressively long-term results can be carried out by utilizing the IPL technology on a permanent basis. Fractional treatments is ideally suited for on the growing phase of the hair or anagen growth phase.

The IPL technology and also the Laser technology tend are light machines that use photothermolysis. Then, how’s IPL technology different and better from Laser technology? Laser consists of only one sort of wavelength and is hence, specific for a kind of hair. But IPL technology, is made up of multiple wavelengths. Hence, it is effective on an array of hair thickness.

Is EvoDerma Lumi Easy to Use?

Is EvoDerma Lumi Easy to Use?

An IPL system is definitely a useful and convenient means for removing unwanted hair. Using The Lumi system at home you can avoid the expensive, and inconvenient at a local beauty clinic or salon. With an at home laser it’s possible to follow a regular routine of efficient elimination of unwanted hair from the privacy and comfort of home. This way, you are in charge of the routine you would like to follow for elimination of body hair.

The Lumi is totally mess free and simple to handle at the same time. Only a few customers have reported temporary localized redness with it . Men and women will pay almost $7000 for professional elimination of hair with the IPL technology. But with the EvoDerma Lumi IPL you pay much less to have your own machine and control the number and frequency of sessions making it a bargain compared to spa treatments. Typically, the bulbs in the unit might have to get replaced but do last for quite a few sessions. In the long run it is a wise economical choice.

At home hair removal provides independence from wax, creams, razors and all the other messy, traditional methods for hair removal. Moreover, the applicator in the Lumi is the largest tip  (19mm x 32mm) and allow you to treat a larger surface section of skin at a time and it is fast and effective

Lumi is suitable for many skin tones and skin color however, it is suggested you check the skin tone and hair color chart available on the company website before purchasing. The good news is itL is every bit effective for both men and women. Today’s men are as conscious of their image as women are. IPL technology is really a better option than the traditional messy wax and razors men have used.

EvoDerma Lumi IPL Hair Removal is a convenient investment that you may enjoy using as it provides the best means for hair removal at home. With regular and progressive treatment, you’ll be able to achieve a hair free body.
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