The Best Way To Learn Guitar – Current And Most Effective Methods

The Best Way To Learn How To Play Guitar – The Most Effective Methods With Fast Results

In this article we discuss the best available means to help you learn to play the guitar and which programs work the best to help you rock out!


Learning To Play Guitar On Your Own

Learning to play guitar on your own is in no way an easy task.  The best way to learn guitar is by immersing yourself in one of several programs designed for beginners and those who wish to learn at home.  These programs are beneficial in that they build a solid foundation and understanding of the instruments’ core elements.
A basic knowledge or skill set is key to developing proper technique.  When I first began learning to play, I watched how others played and learned the same techniques that they were accustomed to. This was my first mistake. Only after I began studying through an instructor did I learn that I was doing it completely wrong.  This resulted in having to unlearn my poor technique which took a lot of hard work.  There is no delete or undo button for the brain.
Learning the right technique, chords, and scales is probably one of the most important aspects any musician should master before attempting more advanced instruction.  With these building blocks in place, the easier it will be to understand and implement more difficult techniques in the future.
The most beneficial thing I did to improve was to practice every chord over and over again.  I also did this for all of the scales.  I know it sounds boring but, after time, I was able to learn very difficult songs and complex arrangements with ease.
To better understand chords, scales, and picking or strumming the instrument you have to have a great program to guide you through the complexities and proper finger positions.  There are several well respected programs available with DVD instruction that will systematically take you through all of the basics and give you the understanding you need to become a fantastic musician.  Below, you will find some of the top instructional programs.  If you are interested in learning from the comfort of your home then I highly recommend any of the programs listed here.


Learn To Play Guitar

What’s The Best And Fastest Way To Learn Guitar?
In the past, I have tried several different systems on learning the guitar.  I have read many books that boast that they are the best at teaching everything you need to know to master an instrument. Most of the books I have read were poorly written and didn’t explain in detail how to incorporate their teachings in the real world.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some great books out there with in depth perspectives on guitar theory but, practical application was always lacking.
If you are trying to learn without any previous knowledge of the instrument then an informational DVD is going to be the best way to go.  You can watch an instructor go through every aspect of the lesson.  The best part is you can pause and rewind any and all sections to watch how the instructor makes a certain chord or how he strums or picks the strings.  You can watch full sections or just a few minutes at a time.  It is all entirely up to you.
Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is probably the best informational DVD available today.  It guides you from the very basics to intermediate level lessons.  The DVD lessons are very well organized and each lesson builds on the last one.  I thoroughly enjoyed working my way through this DVD series and even as a seasoned musician I picked up a few things that I wished I had known about years ago. I highly recommend this DVD set for beginners and intermediate level players.

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Learn & Master Guitar - The Song Hits: Book/10-DVD PackLearn & Master Guitar – The Song Hits: Book/10-DVD PackCHECK PRICE



The Best Software For Learning To Play Guitar

Computer Software Programs are a great way to learn to play the guitar.  If you have a basic understanding of the instrument and can play a few easy songs then these programs are a great way to practice and learn new songs. These programs come with songs already built in that teaches you step by step how to play them.  I wish something like this was available 15 years ago when I was first beginning to learn.

There is one program in particular that is a favorite of mine.  It allows the user to plug his own guitar into the program and play along with the programmed instruction.  This makes it easy and quick to pick up on how to play new songs.  I was very impressed with these programs and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to improve and learn how to play new songs.


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Learn To Play Guitar Packs

What Are The Best Learn To Play Guitar Packs?
Guitar packs are a great way to get started.  They come with everything you need to begin learning the guitar.  Most people are uneasy going out and getting a relatively expensive guitar for their first instrument.  After all, there is a good chance that you will find out that you don’t really enjoy the instrument after completing a few lessons.  I tell everyone who wants to start to get an inexpensive pack just in case they find that they don’t like it.  You can always upgrade later on.
Here you will find a couple of packs that come with some great software and everything else needed to get started.  With these packs you don’t have to be concerned with wasting a bunch of money if you decide you don’t like to play.  These are just starter packs so you can’t expect the highest quality.  They are simply made for those interested in trying out the guitar.  I highly recommend any of the packs you will find listed below.

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 Rocksmith Guitar Bundle for Guitar and Bass Rocksmith Guitar Bundle for Guitar and BassCHECK PRICE



Additional Info On Learning To Play Guitar

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