The Biggest Challenge Of College: Roommates!

You’ve started college…now what?

Yes, you’ve started college and you are having the time of your life!  No parents, out late every night and yes, you’ve made a handful of friends. Friends, that promise to be their for life, and want to be your roommates, because you’re the guy (or gal), that gets along with everyone.  
So, you complete that wonderful first year, got those new friends, and now you’re looking at moving out of doors into your own apartment.  The only problem is the cost, but then again there’s the problem with two bedrooms, and 4 guys!  
That is a problem unless you know about pressurized walls, let me explain how they can help you! 

The Beauty Of Pressurized Walls
come in the fact that they are designed to be temporary!

Your New Apartment

You and your buddies now have a new home.  You love everything about it except there’s one problem…2 bedrooms and 4 men!  That’s never worked, and you all know it, but you all figured it was better than dorms, so why not.  And you may be right, it may be better than dorms, but you still have one problem.  When the ladies come over what do you do, put a sock on the doorknob when you want some quiet time?  That’s old school, and you don’t need to look at doing that.
Consider getting faux walls, also called pressurized walls, or temporary walls.   Company’s like All Week Walls, come in and put up temporary walls.  They look just like real walls, but the cool thing is this: they can be taken down when you move, and no one has to know any difference.  You haven’t permanently altered the walls, just gave you and your buddies some privacy.

Having Roommates
Can be fun and challenging! Most of the time, it’s just how you look at it!

The Biggest Challenge Of College Roommates!67141

The Gals

Yes, that’s the guys, but the gals, tend to look at things differently.  With them it’s about having a quiet space.  A place that they can decorate and call there own.  A place where they can make their room, into a place where they can have quiet time, without worrying about someone intruding.  
The solution is still the same, with pressurized walls.  You put them up and each of the girls has a room of their own.  Privacy should begin as soon as you leave home, and yes that dorm room.   When you start a new life, like going to college, you need to have your own room, so you can enter that new phase of growing, changing and becoming a strong adult.

There you have it!

You can have your home or apartment, live off campus, and have roommates too!  It’s not impossible, it’s something that most everyone experiences and goes though.  Most find out it’s not as easy as they once thought, which is exactly about the time, kids turn into adults, and in the process figure out that their parents did know a thing or two.  
So don’t be afraid to get roommates, and don’t be afraid to get pressurized walls.  It’s sure to make any roommate experience better. 

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