The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Movie Review

Wimpy kid movie pack is a movie series that constitutes three movies that were released on 2010, 2011, and 2012. The 2010 version was followed by the sequel dubbed ‘Rodrick Rules.’ This was later followed by another sequel from the original dubbed ‘Dog Days’ which is the latest release. There are now DVD versions of the movies (all three of them) that are being sold at major movie stores around the world.

For those of us who are comic enthusiasts, the diary of a wimpy kid movie series is a must watch. That is assuming of course that you haven’t watched the individual movies at the time of their release. Even for those who have watched, you will agree with me that the 3-pack presentation of the movies is quite a treat that you wouldn’t miss for anything in the world.

Anything in the world? Really? Well, I know that most readers are dying to find out just what makes me talk so highly about a series of movies that are based on books from the same author. In our review, we will make reference to the last or supposed last bit of the sequel to highlight the key strengths and weaknesses of the plot.

Some of the main characters in the movies include Greg Heffley, Rowley Jefferson, and Rodrick Heffley. The setting of the third movie is in summer. Greg Heffley has made his plans for the summer holidays which amongst other things include playing video games and playing more video games. This 24/7 video game fantasy that he has is however cut short when his parents come up with plans of their own that are aimed at having the young lad spend some more outdoor time.

In total disregard of his parent’s plans, as would any teenager or young adult, Rowley Jefferson comes up with plan number two that will see him spend most of his time at a local country club with his friends from school. Does he succeed in doing that? The suspense is what dominates this movie and all the other movies in this series.

On the upside, the diary of a wimpy kid provides parents and kids with insights into how they can foster healthy relationships between themselves. The rebellious teenage spirit is countered with the caring and loving nature of their parents. The entertainment value of the movies is also worth mentioning. As much as there are negative elements to do with the use of foul language, inclusion of sexual and violent content, as well as the issue of narcissism, they do not affect the quality of the movies.

The negative elements have been incorporated in a manner that reflects the lives of young adults and teenagers as opposed to glorifying these elements as is the case for most movies. One thing that parents can commend the movie creators about is their exclusion of scenes that glorify drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, none of the scenes in the third movie show the use of alcohol or any drugs.

In conclusion, the wimpy kid movie 3-pack DVD is a must watch for parents and kids alike. There are great lessons for both parties to learn in order to control the teenage frenzy that is witnessed all over.

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