The Google Penguin Updates

How You Can Recover From The Google Penguin Updates – Tips And Tricks

The entire Internet seems to be worked up because of the Google algorithm updates for Penguin and Panda and the way they are making people have to adjust the marketing they’re doing. Even if you use PPC advertising at Google, the updates will still reach out and touch you. If you want to keep a cool head about you, even with the building hysteria, you simply need to seek out some really good and solid information that will help you. If you look at the wider perspective, as long as you do the proper things, you’ll most likely be fine. If you need to make revisions on your site, then simply make them and move forward.

Google has create a new and improved field of search marketing. It’s easy to summarize the whole thing in words like quality and updating. What is telling is these goals and requirements have been in place all along. Along with link diversity, it is a very smart move to have marketing diversity. The one thing I’ve heard and is still true is you are always one Google algorithm update away from oblivion. That is if you engage in search marketing and have all your eggs in one basket. You need all of your efforts, particularly your content, to be varied and diverse. It’s important that you use variety in your content formatting so that people will feel encouraged to take part.

If your site has a longer history, make sure you see to orphaned pages if you have them. Take this even further, through internally linked pages that have content that isn’t up to current standards. You have some options with this one including deleting them completely. You can also just update the page with content that is better. If you go this route make sure you update the date on the page too. How you reconcile your lower quality content pages is your call, but the important thing is to do something about them. If you ignore them, then they will only drag your site down because of Google’s higher content standards, etc.

You don’t have to worry about Google devaluing your backlink’s anchor texts unless you’ve tried to do too much with them. Anchor texts is still incredibly important when it comes to your off-page optimization.

Still, while Penguin is still only a few weeks old, you can see some knee jerk reactions to it throughout the net. You need to stay calm and try to figure out the facts. You’ve got way more options with your anchor text than you might realize. The best way to see this for yourself is to look at your raw server logs; you’ll see that the majority of the keywords people use to find you aren’t the highly valued ones you planned on.

It isn’t exactly easy to get your business and marketing from where it is now to the standards now dictated by the Penguin and Panda updates. It really depends on what you’ve been doing so far. Pay careful attention to what you use for anchor text because the goal is to seem as non-spammy as possible when it comes to off-page SEO and backlinking.

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