The Traditional way of life of the people that far from new generation

The Children’s Life at the Mountain

I am a person that love nature, exploring the beauty of the nature. I love hiking, climbing mountains.  One time, one of my very best friend of mine invite me to visit one of the far flung barangay in our municipality to explore new environment according to him. It takes a day to reach the barangay it was so exciting since we could only reach that barangay through hiking no transportation available only carabao and horse are their means of transportation. while we are in the midst of the mountains ,according to the residence of the that barangay Mount Kulabag approximately 2,000 above see level the Provincial Government declare Mount Kulabog as Protected area, along the way we hear a different voice like birds, monkey and others, monkeys enjoyed playing at the branches of the tall tress. fresh water falls flowing from the top of the mountain.

Crossing a crystal clear river feels you refreshing even you are under the heat of the sun you never felt the heat because you really experience the amazing coldness from the  mountains.

Almost 5:00 PM in the afternoon, we finally reached the barangays that never felt pain as we saw the people welcoming us with a beautiful smile.

At the early in morning we the mother nature surprised us the fogs cover the places that you could even see each other because of the thickness of the fogs that brings coldness we felt like that we are in the sky.

Farming is the mean source of income of the people, planting corn, rice, vegetable and other commodities.

Early in the morning you can never see people and children hanging on their home except mother who pregnant and with a new born baby.I was so amazed to that experienced when some of the TIMUAY or the leader of the tribe told us that children who can do work are at the farm with their parents they oblige to help and with their parents everyday at the farm work.

Almost lunch time, will I watching the surrounding I saw children coming out fast some of them bringing bolo and other farm paraphernalia. I was expecting that the children came for relax and for taking a lunch. I was so amazed . . . . . . . . . . 


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