What is most important in your life?

Traditions to The Truth

I found the important things in my life are my husband and my children and my grandchildren but most important thing in my life is my faith in God and how I live and conduct my life to be a better servant to Him to live a righteous life. If religious have robbed you of the goodness of God, they’ve taught you that He brings only trouble in your life so He can teach you the values and moral how to live a righteous and moral life and teach you something, than start washing those traditions away with the truth. Open your eyes and your heart to receive the truth of what it written in God’s Holy Word. By studying God’s word and applying the truth to your life, than you can receive the truth about your Heavenly Father,
In order to receive all the benefits of God desires that he wants to give you, we must be absolutely sure that he is a good God.

When I asked my friends and family this question, many of them answered that money would make them happy, to live a full productive life and some said that their children and grandchildren were the most important in their life. Good answers but money cannot buy you happiness or can it buy love of your grandchildren or children or family. Having these things will make you happy and feel loved and sure we all love our children and grandchildren and we want to live to see them walk down the aisle to get married. Most important thing I have found to be important are my family too, must be certain that God is part of your life and His will for us is our health, not illness, prosperity, happiness, not sorrow, Read your own bible if you owned one and if you don’t own a bible than see if you can borrow one or ask someone at your local church you may attend or live close too. It is in God’s word that God will tell you Himself through His word that He is the God that can heal you, a mercy God, loving kindness and a compassion God who loves you and cares about you.

I believe the one most important part of my life is how I live as a Christian in serving and witnessing to spread the Good News and sharing what God has done in my life and how he worked in my life and interceded in my life through trials and tests I had to go through to be all God wants me to be,

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