What Is The Best Electric Shaver For Black Men?

Black Skin and Hair Needs The Right Electric Shaver

Black men have certain skin care requirements that need to be considered prior to shaving. Black hair is often curly and as a result black men tend toward shaver bumps and ingrown hairs. So evaluate your hair and skin before searching for the best electric shaver.

The latest technology advances and design should be taken into account when choosing an electric shaver. How a shaver feels in the hand and vibrations effect how you handle it. Something so simple as the size of your hand can affect how you get along with your shaver.

Also take into account the cutting method of a shaver. Electric shavers either use rotary or foil heads. A foil head removes hairs using an ultra thin piece of perforated metal when you slide it across your skin. When foil meets the hair, blades slide over and cut in the way a scissors would. Alternatively, rotary heads use spinning blades that cut in the same way. Rotary heads are generally easier to clean and make less noise.

Fortunately, we have done most of the detective work for you, to deliver the top 3 best electric shavers for black man in different price range, under $200, under $150, and under $50. So let’s start with #1 on the list the Braun Series Pulsonic Shaver System 7-790cc.

Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Shaver System – Best under $200

For those with super picky skin that needs a more personal touch, the Braun Pulsonic 7-790cc could be just what you are looking for. It comes with 3 different personalization options that lets you set-up this electric shaver perfectly for your needs. The ActiveLift system is designed to lift the most stubborn hairs so they can be closely shaved. The Braun company is renowned for its well-built durable shavers, so this shaver should last a long time even if you have the toughest of hairs.

It is also comforting to know that over 1000 reviews at Amazon have given this shave a high rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. Some of the top features of this shave include:

Precise styling With Precision Long-Hair Trimmer: To trim your mustache, beard or sideburns with this precise and perfect tool, just slide the long-hair pop-out trimmer upward.

100% Waterproof: This Braun electric shaver features a fully sealed body, permitting you to quickly and easily run it under running water. For optimum convenience, use the patented ‘Clean And Renew’ System, an hygienic system that lets you clean this shave with the touch of a button.

1 Hour Charge = 50 Minutes Of Shaving: With just a 1 hour charge, you got a whole 50 minutes of cord-free shaving time. Even a swift 5 minute charge generated enough power for shave. Also featuring a worldwide automatic voltage adjustment system, this shaver can be used while traveling

Panasonic ES8109S Men’s 3-Blade Dry/Wet (Arc 3) Rechargeable Nanotech Electric Shaver – Best Under $150

This top-end Panasonic electric shaver has one of the fastest motors on the market at 13,000RPM, and as a result is superior for cutting very stubborn hairs. It is made with a dry/wet design, this means you can use it in the hot steam of the shower to get the ultimate shave. Clean-up is simple, you just rinse the shaver in the shower or in the basin. The trip blade (Arc 3) design works great with even very short stubble, yet doesn’t cut too close to cause irritation.

At Amazon this electric shaver has caused quite a stir with over 550 reviewers giving it a 4.3 out of 5 stars. At the present sale price of $101.97, it could be the best electric shaver for black men for the price. Great features include:

Triple Blade Design (Arc 3): The triple-head feature of this Panasonic ES8109S electric shaver provides support and comfort while delivering excellent performance. With the 2 foils and the center slit all floating independently, and the pivoting heads rocking up and down, back and forth, you’ll get an ultra close shave that follows your natural contours.

Automatic Cleaning: Panasonic has designed an innovative feature called HydraClean for this shaver. HydraClean keeps your shave hygienic and clean all the time. This cleaning method uses an alcohol-free detergent/water infused process that clears away debris, keeping blades fresh.

Remington DA-307 Microscreen 100 Rechargeable Foil Shaver – Best Under $5

For a professional shave at a budget price, you can’t beat the Remington DA-307. It may be surprising that we put a rotary shaver on this top 3 list rather than the more expensive foil shavers, but this Remington electric shaver really does protect skin. With time and a little practice, you can figure out how to shave that is as close as any other shaver available today. There are not many bells and whistles on this electric shaver, but you do get simple quality at a great price; close shaves without irritation. Additionally, the trimmer works great, providing you the ability to straighten out tough sideburns in just seconds.

As with the other shavers in this list, this Remington gets great reviews at amazon, which over 50 people rating it an average of 3.9 out of 5 stars. This truly is the best electric shaver for black men at a budget price. Top features include:

*2 Advanced and Ultra Thin Microscreens for Closeness and Comfort
*Ultimate Side burn Precision with the Detail Trimmer
*112 Dual Precision Action Cutting Edges
*Comfortable Hand Fit with Ergonomic Design
*Full Two Year Warranty

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