Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver Review – Do NOT Buy Android Panasonic ES8243A Until You Read This Review!

Panasonic ES8243A Review

Are you looking for best razor or electric shaver in the market? This review was made for you to take a look and see if it would pass in your taste. I’m not claiming this Panasonic ES8243A shaver is the best among all electric razor but I find it cool and kinda useful.

I understand the feeling of men to always maintain his looks everyday. I’m a type of man whose beard and mustaches grow fast so I make sure that I always shave everyday and look presentable.

Anyway, you are here because I know you are looking whether this product is worth your money or not. So try to stick around and read everything you’ll find here. I hope it will help you somehow.

Panasonic ES8243A

Men who have beard and mustaches should get their personal shaver (either an ordinary razor or an electric one). It depends on where they are comfortable with and which one they preferred. I don’t know but some men prefer to have a beard and mustaches so they just trim it and that’s where electric shaver comes in handy.

Another thing is it is rechargeable. Meaning when the battery is low and drained, you can charge it for a couple of hours and after that you may use it again.

You may read main features of this product below and decide if this one suits you. Also, try watching the included videos here and see this product in action.

Panasonic ES8243A Men’s 4-Blade (Arc 4) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades, Blueir?t=myinnerthouga 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001DKMY9Q

Panasonic ES8243A Review – Pros and Cons


~ A Wet/Dry Shaver plus Washable – meaning you can use it either with foam, gel or if you prefer on dry surface. It can also be used after you take a shower and that is awesome. Cleaning it through washing blades is another feature of this electric shaver.

~ Multi-Fit Arc Foil – meaning that this razor when use, can truly cover all areas on your face with beard and mustaches. This is great compare to other shavers that cannot fully remove all hair.

~ Four-Blade Cutting System – meaning that it has four sharp blades that can make your shaving faster and more efficient. Besides, it can free you from cuts, irritation and redness.

~ Flexible Pivoting Head – meaning it can be flexible and can completely use to shave hair on the neck and jaw area.


~ After using it for 3-4 months, the cutter became dull. – You have to make sure to take care of it to prevent the fast degrading.

~ After using it for 8 months, the outer foil got a hole. – I think we have to consider that everything has an end.

~ This shaver was completely lasted five years so far.

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Panasonic is one of the famous brands in the market. Some of its products are electric fan, television, batteries, etc. This page offers you a review on Panasonic ES8243A shaver. I decided to make one due to I often shave just to look clean and good-looking.

Anyway, what you will find here is my own personal review together with reviews of other people in a form of texts, videos (which I restated and added my personal touch). I hope this page will become useful in your searching. Enjoy!

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