Your Glass Needs Change With The Seasons

When Seasons Change

Winter’s coming or maybe it’s going, either way both seasons of the year require attention from you for your home.  There are certain that need your attention, before and after those seasons leave.  Some are easy fixes, while still others may be more challenging.  But no matter how you look at it, if you don’t pay attention to these things, they can cost you heavily in the end. 
 One of those things is your windows.  

With Winter...
comes nicks, dings, cracks and breaks to your windows.

Springs Coming

Springs Coming

Yes spring is coming and now is the time to do some inspections on your home as winter is ending.  Arguably the least thought about thing to check on is your windows, and I’d like for you to consider that this shouldn’t be the case. 
Unless you live in the desert or where it’s really really hot, you’re going to have possibilities of chips, cracks dings and a lot of other things that occur during the winter when storms abound.  
This is especially true this winter, which is one of the worse ones on the books.  Tree down let alone how their branches have flown through neighborhoods.  And they have to land, and it’s very possible that they have landed on your window.  Oh, maybe not hard enough to break your windows, maybe just ding them, but nonetheless your windows are damaged. 
You may have also found out that your windows seals have been damaged and need to be repaired.  Again something that you may or may not be able to replace in the winter, but something that you want to take care of in the spring time.

When Windows Crack...
it’s best to get them replaced, rather than risk an injury.

Your Glass Needs Change With The Seasons81213

Know Your Needs…Pick Your Window

For the love of your windows, make sure you know what you want each window to say.  You may not thing that windows speak or that they say much, but they do.  They tell people a lot about you.  
They say if you have standards for your home, if you live green and if your home is historic.  Windows can save you energy when they’re tinted and double paned.
Windows can have gardens in them, be a place of bonding, a place where you can sit and relax. Windows are far more than something to look at, which leaves me one question.  
What do you want your windows to say?

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