Your Glass Needs

It’s a weird question I have to admit, but what exactly are Your Glass Needs?  There is so much in the world of glass and mirrors that we often don’t take time to think about it.  
They are after all, not limited to just one area of our lives.  As a result, I got to thinking about how much I’m impacted everyday with glass, and what exactly are my needs in that area.  
Consider some of the following things, and see if maybe your glass needs are bigger than you originally thought and maybe, just maybe you find

Glass comes in many forms...
and not just for residential windows.

Display Windows

We often don’t give any thought to windows, partly because we simply look through them.  Making these first windows for your consideration a ‘no brainer’, the windows…those doors and store fronts that you go into.
We never give them much thought when we see an outfit we like, a diamond ring that we want or a new car.  But, if they were solid walls and you couldn’t see in you would.  
You also would if they were dirty or cracked.  You see, we often take for granted what the window cleaners do, or the size of the window, because it’s always the way we expected.  
If you doubt this, consider how long you pondered the last window that was cracked, had a B B pelt hole, or was filthy.  When they’re filthy you won’t go in, but with the bullet hole, you contemplate what happened for a long time.  To the point that you may even asked someone that works there what happened.
It gets more involved than that, because if there’s a huge piece of plywood, you’re curiosity is likely to get the better of you, and you’ll go inside to find out what happened.  Unless of course, you were then when it did.
That’s windows for commercial use, for you! 

The condition of commercial windows...
can make the difference between getting business and losing business.

The Home...

The Home…

Windows in your home, are often far more complicated than those in business.  
There are many reasons for this, including the design of your home, and what you plan on doing with it.
Consider that you can have glass for your windows, and glass shower doors.  You can have glass for counter tops and glass for sliding doors.  
You can have double panned windows, or single pain.  Windows with solar access or windows without.  You can have heat efficient windows, or windows that are frosted so people don’t see in.  
You can also have choices of being frosted or beveled in order to have some privacy, but still get the light of the sun coming in.  
You see, home windows can and are much more complicated than business windows.

The right windows...
say a lot about you, your business and who you are!

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Here are some final thoughts on glass.
There’s a lot more to know about glass than the average person can know.  Between tinting, beveled and double panned, you may not have any idea what will work best for you.  If your not sure, make sure that you ask the experts like those at Your Glass Needs!  
They are experience in glass, what works and what doesn’t work.  And if you should chose to have an expert in, make sure you listen to them, or frankly what’s the point.
Lastly, glass company’s don’t just have glass, they also have mirrors and other assorted things that can help your business and home blossom, so don’t be afraid to ask them about it! 

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