Autumn Leaves


Autumn is the most beautiful of all seasons.  With the hot blistering summer coming to an end, the leaves suddenly realize that they no longer need to work to protect people from the blistering hot sun, so they begin to relax and prepare to hibernate.

We of course don’t usually see it in this manner.  We usually just see the beauty of their majestic colors unfolding before us, if we notice at all.  Most people are caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day and don’t notice this unfolding.  With one exception.

If you own or are renting a home where you’re responsible for picking up your leaves and maintaining the lawn yourself.  

beauty that ranges unending…until winter over comes it.

Autumn Changes Autumn Challeges

Most often when you mention autumn to people the and what’s the first thing that pops in their minds, you’ll her something like football, back to school or preparing for the upcoming holidays.  

Few give thought to the challenges that come with the beauty of autumn.  But if you care to look up what autumn injuries, the number one thing that you’ll find mention is falls.  I’d never thought about this until I spoke with a friend of mine yesterday that fell at a business.  How the falls occur vary, but most often they are related to leaves.

How leaves?  The raking of them.  In fact it’s such a big deal that there are pages and pages of information about the injuries that occur with the raking of the yard.  Who would have known?  Apparently the raking of a yard is considered to be ‘vigorous’ exercise. 

Falls hurt the lay person...
more then they will ever hurt the athlete.

Autumn Leaves101272

Raking Leaves

Raking leaves can cause everything from tailbone injures, sprain wrist, broken ribs and the list goes on.  Most of these occur for two primary reasons.  People to warm up before they rake leaves.  It is after all a chore, or so they reason.  So in turn comes the lower back sprain or muscle pull.  Take the time to warm up and stretch your back wrist and other body parts that will be used during this exercise.

Something to watch out for is those wet leaves and toys.  Often times when the first dew occurs in the fall, leaves and toys are quick to catch the moisture and slow to let it go.  The end result is slippery leaves that can cause falls and consequently injuries.  If you get injured, but haven’t hit your head on the way down, consider going to an urgent care.  You’ll get seen quicker and in most cases it will cost you 2/3 less then the normal E.R. visit.  

Take the time to warm up...
and you will reduce the likelihood that you’ll have down time! The choice is yours.

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